Friday, December 26, 2008


Birthday to Evie!

She is now one year old!

(or seven in dog years but who actually counts dog years?)

She expects presents and birthday wishes...


in other news:

Thursday, December 25, 2008


Freaking Christmas.

From Evie and Myself

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


For Christmas I got a new camera from my madre. I am just a little obsessed with it. I have been carrying it everywhere with me as of late and I wanted to share some of the pics I have taken with it. So here they are, lemme know what you think!:

Friday, December 12, 2008

Song of the day...

I am a huge fan of Lily Allen and her new single "The Fear" is awesome. I love it. It is a little explicit, but it's Lily Allen so that is to be expected. It has also been added the the playlist for the month so scroll to the bottom of the page and enjoy it. Here are the hilarious lyrics:

"The Fear"

I want to be rich and I want lots of money
I don’t care about clever I don’t care about funny
I want loads of clothes and f***loads of diamonds
I heard people die while they are trying to find them

I’ll take my clothes off and it will be shameless
‘Cuz everyone knows that’s how you get famous
I’ll look at the sun and I’ll look in the mirror
I’m on the right track yeah I’m on to a winner

I don’t know what’s right and what’s real anymore
I don’t know how I’m meant to feel anymore
When we think it will all become clear
‘Cuz I’m being taken over by The Fear

Life’s about film stars and less about mothers
It’s all about fast cars and passing each other
But it doesn’t matter cause I’m packing plastic
and that’s what makes my life so f***ing fantastic

And I am a weapon of massive consumption
and its not my fault it’s how I’m program to function
I’ll look at the sun and I’ll look in the mirror
I’m on the right track yeah I’m on to a winner

I don’t know what’s right and what’s real anymore
I don’t know how I’m meant to feel anymore
When we think it will all become clear
‘Cuz I’m being taken over by The Fear

Forget about guns and forget ammunition
Cause I’m killing them all on my own little mission
Now I’m not a saint but I’m not a sinner
Now everything is cool as long as I’m getting thinner

I don’t know what’s right and what’s real anymore
I don’t know how I’m meant to feel anymore
When we think it will all become clear
‘Cause I’m being taken over by fear

Thursday, December 11, 2008


I came across an artsy blog called "Color Wars 2008", and with a headline reading "it's just like summer camp" then below stating "*not really", how could I resist looking around?!

They have several cool projects and things to show you on their page but by far my favorite thing (other than the headline) is a project called Youngme/Nowme.

I know that looks like Japanese but in reality it is just bad English. Read it slowly now...


Basically the concept is this: they asked their readers to find a picture of them as a baby and then recreate the picture with themselves now. So their "now me" is mimicking their "young me" it all coming together now?


I think it is awesome and I encourage you to go take a look by clicking here.

Here are some of my favorite ones:

Oh and don't worry....mine is is in the works....


FoLK/DAK Drams...

As many of you might know I work at Disney World in Florida. Loves it. Good times.


As you may also know I do the High School Musical show at the Disney Studios on a pretty consistent basis. I also talk about it a lot as you can see from all the blogs I have posted concerning it. It's all I do with my time, what else am I gonna talk about?

Well, what many of you may NOT know is that I also know some other shows on property. One of which I do on a weekly (on Thursdays (which are my global sub days (that may or may not mean anything to you)) basis.

Yes everything Thursday I leave my life at the Hollywood Studios, hang up my Wildcat hoodie and trek over the the Animal Kingdom to do a show called The Festival Of The Lion King or FoLK for short (everything is an acronym around her cause we are way to lazy to finish our sente

So I am a stilt walker at FoLK and if you know me personally you know that I am not the biggest fan of the show. Stilts hurt my knees, I have no friends, the hours suck, the end.

But that, my friend, is for another blog. No, this blog is in fact about the DAK (Disney's Animal Kingdom) cast parking. One of my least favorite things about going to DAK is the cast member parking lot! I swear there is sorcery afoot in those lands! Everyday, I try to park my car in the same spot, so I can remember where I left it at the end of the day. But alas, 5:30 (or 10:30 according to when they decide to let us free) rolls around, I make the half mile journey back to the lot and my car is no where in sight!

I try to retrace my steps, look at the land marks, count the rows, and everytime there is no trace of it! I swear that parking lot is like hogwarts from Harry Potter or something. Everytime you leave the lot, all the cars switch places just for kicks. I wander the lot for 20 minutes, and then, suddenly it is right behind me, even though I JUST passed the space in is currently residing in.

And it is not just me either! Everyday I see Disney security gaurds drving some poor soul from row to row, searching desperatly for their vehicle. As I walk our eyes meet and I give them that look that says:

"I know how it is. Keep going, it'll turn up eventually."

So, moral of the story, if you are planning on parking in the DAK cast lot, heed my warning, and take a picture of where you parked.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Oh Hilary Duff...That's so girl wearing a skirt as a top...

First of all, in reference to the picture to the left HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Secondly, I totally agree with the message of the following video and everything. But I love love love that

A: They chose Hilary Duff to deliver the message
B: The script is hilarious without trying to be.

So enjoy this amazing PSA staring Miss Duff

The Next Big Thing...

I am here right now to tell you about someone amazing. I can almost guarantee that she is going to be huge in the music scene in the next five years. Her name is Janelle Monae and she is incredible. She is such a performer and has an amazing voice to back it up. Her music is so diverse and eclectic that I don't even know what genre to put her into!

My favorite song of her's is called "Sincerely, Jane". It is one of the songs currently rocking this blog. Not only in the music amazing but her lyrics are so poignant and deep as well. Her are the lyrics for "Sincerely, Jane" followed by the music video for "Many, Moons".

Remember, I told you first ;)

Sincerely, Jane

Left the city, my mama, she said don't come back home.
These kids round killing each other, they lost their minds, they gone.
They quitting school, making babies, and can barely read,
Some gone on to their fall,
Lord have mercy on them.

1,2,3,4, your cousin's here round here selling dope,
While they daddy, your uncle, is working round, strung out.
Babies with babies, and they just keep burning,
While their dreams go down the drain now.

(While their dreams go down the drain now)
Are we really living, or just walking dead now
(Are we walking dead now?)
Or dreaming of the hopes round in the wings of angels

The way we live, the way we die,
What a tragedy, I'm so terrified.
Daydreamers please wake up,
We can't sleep no more.

Love, don't make no sense,
Ask your neighbour,
The winds have changed, it seems,
That they've abandoned us.
The truth hurts, and so does yesterday
What good is love, if it burns bright explosion flames

(I thought every living thing had love, but are)
Are we really living, or just walking dead now.
(Are we walking dead now?)
Or dreaming of the hopes round in the wings of angels.

The way we live, the way we die,
What a tragedy, I'm so terrified.
Daydreamers please wake up,
We can't sleep no more.

I've seen them shooting up funerals in their sunday clothes (Ya!)
And spending money on spinners, but won't pay college funds (Ya!)
And all you gangers and bangers,
Rolling dice and taking lives in a smoky dark
Lord have mercy on them (Ya!)

Teacher, teacher, please reach those girls in them videos (Live your life)
The little girl's just broke, and queens's confusing bling for soul.
Danger, there's danger,
When you take off your clothes,
All your dreams go down the drain, girl.

Are we really living, or just walking dead now
Or dreaming of the hopes round in the wings of angels

The way we live, the way we die
What a tragedy, I'm so terrified
Daydreamers please wake up,
We can't sleep no more.

**Scratching Begins**
Lord have mercy
Have mercy
Have mercy
Lord have mercy
Are really living, or just walking dead now
Have mercy
**Scratching Ends**

We live, then we die,
And we never know, thats why
So young, now we're gone
Now are you gone?

We live, then we die,
But never touch the sky
So young, now we're gone
Now are you gone?

Spoken Section:
Its now time for you to come home, my dear.
You've been gone long enough.
Thank you.
We must come, we must go.

"Many Moons"

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Right Here, Right Now...

So Sarah's (my roomate) mom was in town for thanksgiving and filmed her in High School. It just so happened that Peter, our other roommate, and myself were in that particular show as well. It is the only time that we have ever done a show together!

It is a really good recording of the entire show and the cast that day was ON POINT. Fo Realz.

So for anyone who can't or hasn't seen the show, watch this version because it is good representation.

Part 1

Part 2

P.S. Here is a screen shot from the video when the three of us realized that we were standing together for the first time.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Clair De Lune

Right now, if I had to choose a song to represent my life in its current state I would choose the song that is currently playing on this blog. It is called "Clair De Lune" and it is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. I had heard it before but it wasn't until I heard it recently that it clicked so well with my life. I really encourage you all to listen to it and try to appreciate it. Because right now that song is me.

Does that make sense?

Anywho on an unrelated note I am sorry for the lack of postage. I have been uber stressed lately and when I get stressed, my blog is the first to suffer. But I am gonna try to be better

spotted xoxo

I think that only works for the Gossip Girl

Saturday, November 15, 2008

* Cough *

I feel sick. Just like this girl. But I don't look as chic as she does.

* cough *

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I love Keith Olberman so much...

This makes me sad :(

via A via Daily Scribblings

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Lesson Learned: Problem Solving

After a lot of thought I decided on a series for this month's posts. It will be called "Lessons Learned" and it will be all about the daily lessons that I learn.

Today's lesson is all about problem solving!

For any of you who aren't familiar with the High School Musical breakroom at Disney's Hollywood Studios lemme explain the layout a little bit.

The space serves several purposes. First it serves as a break space, with a common area full of couches and a coffee table. There is also a fridge, microwave coffee maker ect. ect. There are two dressing rooms that extend from the common space for the dancers to change in. In the far corner there is an office for our manager and computer so we can check schedules and things. The largest area of our breakroom is costuming. It is where all of the costumes are kept in bulk and also shoes, boxes and two costumers.

Now, in the past, when we needed an extra shirt or a different size pant, we would walk into costuming and grab it off the rack. Apparently the costuming manager had an issue with that and wanted to keep us from doing it.

SO rather than asking the cast to stay out of the costuming area, they simply installed this:

It is one of those fold out doors like they used in the Titanic to keep the third class passengers in the basement. Now kids, lets talk about problem solving. If you want to keep people out of somewhere, here is my suggestion: tell them not to go there. But instead of solving the problem logically they installed the cage door. Here are some reasons that this doesn't make sense:

1) The door doesn't lock
2) The walls around the costuming area don't go all the way to the ceiling, therefore allowing anyone to easily climb over.
3) There are two other doors in the back that don't lock.
4) It is a fire hazzard
5) It reminds the costumers just how much like prison their job really is.

So there you go kids. Lesson learned.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Really Sarah Palin?

Ok I know that she lost and that we won't have to deal with her but I had to post this one more thing before she goes back to polar bear land.

The following is a news cast from the Fox News Channel the day after Obams (holla) won the election. Apparently there were numerous reports about Miss Wisilla that the McCain camp kept from the public eye until after the election was over. Here are some of the jems that we weren't allowed to know:

1) She wouldn't accept preparation before the Katie Couric interview from her staff...which as you may know went swimmingly.

2) She had no idea the countries that were in NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Aggreement) which ok, I know isn't the most popular subject and the average Joe probably wouldn't know that. But this woman was running to be the vice president, literally a heartbeat (and I old one at that) away from the presidency!

3) And this is the worst one. It has now been reported that Miss Palin seriously thought that Africa was a country rather than a continent...she seriously thought that...seriously.

So those are just a few of the things reported by Fox yesterday. Watch the video below for the gist of what I just said:

Movie of the Day...

I saw this last night and it was amazing. I loved it so so so much. Go see it. It is kinda like a male version of Juno with a dash of New York underground. It is so cute and romantic. Totally a date movie if you for some reason wanted to put yourself through that sort of thing. Anywho it is so awesome and the girl who plays Norah, Kat Dennings, is memorizing. I couldn't take my eyes off her the whole movie. She is one of those people that you see in a movie and think "I wish she were my best friend". And I do.

P.S. For all you Twilight fans out there: Apparently Kat was one of the potential Bellas when they first started talking the movie. But in the end we got someone else, but I can't imagine it any other way.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I can't beleive that we are going to have a new president in a couple of hours. It is awesome. I just hope it turns out the way I want it

Fingers crossed.

<3 obams

Sisters Do As Sisters Should...

This video has to be one of the funniest things I have seen coming from SNL in a long, long time. I love love love this. So bath in the rapture:

Friday, October 31, 2008


Halloween Peeps!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Linda Skywalker...

I apologize for going a little YouTube crazy lately but don't you think videos are fun too!

This gem I found showcases our number one fan at the High School stage. Her name is Linda Amidala Skywalker Efron (for real) but we just call her Linda.

Anywho she loves our show and comes every Wednesday to see us. She brings us candy and gifts and holidays and she knows all our choreo. It is awesome and we love her.

So here she is in action!

I Want It All...

I know I have been talking about our new show at the studios a lot lately so I found some YouTube videos of it and I thought I would share it with ya'll.

I am the giant with the gay-ass white shirtsleeve hoodie and plaid shorts...I know

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I don't think christianity is for me...

So I just saw this video on a friends mypace and at first I thought it was gonna be lame...but it is actually pretty fun.

Then I discovered that the kid who made it actually has an entire video blog...

Now you know how I feel about video blogs...

But his video blog has totally changed my mind about "vlogging" in general. This kid is hilarious! If you want more after you watch the video below click here to go to his youtube profile.

Don't watch this if you are an easily offended Christian...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


So today I stumbled upon some old pictures that I thought were pretty precious/awesome so I thought I would share them with you. Lemme know what you think...

P.S. If you click on them they get ALOT bigger :)

Quote of the day...

So I found this picture as I was looking through a favorite site of mine called Corbis. It is a picture search engine and the pictures are genius! Anywho I love this picture (what can I say I'm a hopeless romantic) and I wanted to find a quote to go with it. As I was looking through quotes I found the following and I love it. I hope you do as well:

"I may not be your first, but to be your last would be perfect!"

Vote No...

This video made me laugh for several reasons:

1: Molly Ringwald is in it
2: It makes fun of hyper conservative losers
3: I am really tried from work and anything makes me laugh right now

Monday, October 20, 2008

I wish...

That my sole purpose in life was to take pictures of beautiful people and get paid massive amounts of money for it.

Here are some portraits I wish I would have taken but didn't:

I Love...

This movie

It's kinda like American Beauty meets Mean Girls.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Favorite Things As Of Late...

Candy Corn Flavored Kisses. Just like eating candy corn minus the weird waxy texture.

Hawaiian Punch. I know it's been around forever but I just have recently discovered my love for it.

Henna. I love it and I like the way it looks on me. I don't have an endless supply of Henna ink so I use comes in more colors anyway.

Trendy Scarves from Urban Outfitters

Womanizer. I've already talked about this but Britney's single is awesome.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Oh Katy Perry you stupid ho...

Now I love me some "Hot N' Cold" but this video is about the stupidest thing I have ever seen a celebrity do...

Actually I take that back. I've seen Tyra's talk show.

But this is a close second. The following video is from the Latin MTV Video Music Awards. Watch as Katy decides to jump into a giant cake, throw it into the audience, slip on the frosting and then is unable to get up, even when her mariachi band mate tries to help.

It's Tina, Bitch...

Oh my cheesewiz you guys. I have such a beautiful, gem of happiness to share with you guys.

So.......there is this girl right. Her name is Tina and she is from Kansas. I would love to explain her to you but I think she does it so much better. Here is a direct quote from her music myspace page explaining all about her:

"Kristina Chen is a 17-year-old singer/songwriter from Kansas City. Ever since she can remember she has been working on her singing and dancing and her ultimate goal will be to get signed by one of the biggest record labels in america. Her style is classic pop, her biggest influences are Backstreet Boys, Jonas Brothers, Her aunt, and Rachel Stevens from S Club."

With an introduction like that, you can imagine how amazing she is. I encourage you all to go there and see for yourself. She also has several songs, sung by none other than Tina herself. Click here to go to her page. Here are some screen shots, just to peak your interest:

Tina says "Follow Your Dreams..."

She apparently got a new haircut:

She loves Jesus...that's always good...

Her graphic artist is VERY good

So I really recommend that you go to her page. In case the pictures above weren't enough, her is a short video of Tina at her finest...