Saturday, May 31, 2008

Quote of the Day

Today's quote of the day is actually another song of the day. The following are lyrics from "Gorgeous" by Idina Menzel. For some reason I can't get the following verses outta my head today so I figure that's my cue to blog it. So I hope you like it!

"When all of the beauty turns to pain
And all of the madness falls like rain
As long as we crash and we collide
We will be gorgeous, gorgeous, yeah

When we are drowning in the noise
I’m gonna stop to find your voice
As long as we crash and we collide
We will be gorgeous, we will be gorgeous

And when I lose my faith
I don’t know what to do
You lead me to this place
That makes me feel so beautiful
As long as you’re right here by my side
We will be gorgeous, you and I."


So here's the deal. My very good friend Allie tagged me in her blog with this game. You are supposed to answer the questions then tag other peoples blah blah blah. Problem: The only person with a blog that reads my blog is Allie. SO I am just gonna do it without tagging anyone. I hope that doesn't ruin the tagging magic.

"How to play this game of tag: Post these rules on your blog. List 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 goals, 3 current obsessions/collections, 3 random surprising facts about yourself. Tag 3 people at the end of your post by leaving their names. Let them know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog."

3 joys: Performing, Creating, Feeling Loved

3 fears: Death of someone close to me, The Afterlife being non-existent, Being alone

3 goals: To become completely conscious, To become famous, to write a book that causes people's thinking to shift.

3 current obsessions/ collections: Blogging, Performing, Downloading Music

3 random surprising facts about myself: I used to be short until High School when I was suddenly 6' 3", I don't feel like I fit in anywhere, I really want to have kids

3 people I tag: I just remembered that Casey has a blog so BAM! Casey!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Quote of the Day

Today's quote is from one of the books I am reading right now. It is called "The Lovely Bones" by Alice Sebold. It is a really good novel. It is REALLY heavy. Like every time I open it I wanna cry...for real. But it is written so well (unlike this blog sometimes, so if you need to bring your IQ back up after reading this go read it. haha) and I really enjoy it. The following quote is a mantra that helped the central family keep their sanity while they continued to hope Susie, their missing daughter, would come home. I really like this because at it's core it teaches to not become attached to anything, whether it be objects, people, or situations because that it what all sadness stems from. This concept is something I have been trying to grasp and I think I am getting a little better at it. This quote is certainly something that I will think about frequently.

is ever certain.”


Lately something strange has been happening to me. I feel as if something in my thinking has shifted and I am understanding things that, in the past, I didn't. It is everything from emotional concepts to vapid things like movies. The past two years I have lived here I have really grown as a person. For this blog I am going to make a list of all the things that I understand that I didn't before.

  • The Fountain
  • "Everything" by Alanis Morissette
  • When people say they see their parents as real people rather than these grown ups that are impossible to connect to
  • Loneliness
  • How heartless people outside the bubble actually can be
  • The Dynamics of a professional work position
  • Real Heartache
  • Being Aware
  • How different some people are from myself
  • What inner peace means
  • What people are actually doing when they meditate
  • The term physically drained
  • Sweating so much your shirt is an entirely different color
  • How it feels to have no choice but limp
  • What it feels like to reference High School as something in the past rather than the future
  • How people make decisions because of how they feel about themselves
  • How to do grown up things like go to traffic school, open bank accounts and change my oil
  • Being alone but not feeling alone

Broken Internet

I'm sorry that I haven't been posting lately. Our jankey internet has been down. But I am back with a friendly vengeance. So you will see new posts soon.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Quote of the Day

Today's quote is from the amazing and incredibly addicting Twilight series by Stefanie Meyers. They are some of the most amazing books ever and I reccomend them like crazy. They are making a movie of Twlight that comes out in December of this year so you have like 7 months to get reading!

"I like the night, without th night we'd never see the stars"

+Edward in Twilight

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Quote of the Day

Last night I was walking through an art gallery that I frequent. I came across a new section of work featuring quotes by Andy Warhol. As I was looking through them I decided that I think that Andy and I would have been friends. It seems like he had a very dry sense of humor and I appreciate that. So today the quote of the day is from him.

"During the 1960s,
I think, people forgot what emotions were supposed to be. And I don't think they've ever remembered."

Andy Warhol

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Magic at SeaWorld

Yesterday Peter, Justin and I went to SeaWorld. We all have season passes there. We have found that it is essential when living here to have a season pass to all the theme parks around here because what else is there to do on your day off?

SeaWorld, in all honesty is pretty ghetto. If they didn't have adorable animals, they wouldn't exist. Fortunately they do so we buy season passes. They always make each trip different because you never know what wild animals are gonna do when you stick em' in a cage and yell at them. Anywho, yesterday's trip was especially magical, because of a special Beluga Whale that I just decided to name Doris.

We met Doris in the Wild Arctic experience on the far side of the park. I definitely recommend the attraction as long as you go in through the exit and skip the awful 3D ride. It is like a bad Star Tours with twice the potential for nausea.

Back to Doris. The Beluga Whale enclosure is open and you can lean over the edge and look down into the water. As we were watching we decided to listen to the absurd instinct to wave at the sea creatures below, as if they would wave back. We were surprised, however, that Doris noticed us and responded. Every time we would wave she would jump up and touch our hand. I know awesome right!? luckily we had a video camera so you can see the magic unfold.


This is my little brother. He's graduating. Weird.

Quote of the Day

Today the quote is from my favorite book of all time "A New Earth" by Eckhart Tolle. I love this book so much. It really has helped me and the more I read it the more I get from it. I seriously recommend it to all of you!

"You don't become good by trying to be good, but by finding the good that is already in you"

A New Earth, Eckhart Tolle

Click here to learn more about the book.

Monday, May 19, 2008

They Say The Darndest...

So as I was surfing YouTube tonight I found three videos of the cutest kids ever. I seriously laughed for like an hour. So I hope you enjoy the following outspoken youngsters:

What do you do to monsters?:

Charlie Bit My Finger:

Hey Jude:

Song of the Day

Instead of a quote of the day I decided to do a song of the day. Today it is Gravity by Sara Bareillis:


Something always brings me back to you.
It never takes too long. No matter what I say or do I'll still feel you here 'til the moment I'm gone. You hold me without touch. You keep me without chains. I never wanted anything so much than to drown in your love and not feel your reign. You loved me 'cause I'm fragile. When I thought that I was strong. But you touch me for a little while and all my fragile strength is gone.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Quote Of The Day

The two yes I said two quotes of the day today are from the movie "The Fountain" staring Hugh Jackman & Rachel Wiesz. I saw the movie back in '06 when in came out and I was really disappointed. I had been waiting for it for a while and I guess it wasn't what I thought it was going to be. Well I watched it again last night and I was blown away. I just got it this time. I am reading "A New Earth" by Ekhart Tolle right now and this movie seriously goes hand in hand with his philosophies. I was seriously so inspired by it. It is all about letting go of form in order to obtain true peace. Hugh Jackman's character is resisting death the entire movie, but when he finally learns to accept it he dies physically but gains eternal life. It is so amazing how the same movie can look so different the second time around. I highly suggest it. Anywho here are the two quotes of the day:

"Death is the road to awe."

"For every shadow, no matter how deep is threatened by morning light"

Here is the trailer if you are interested:

Saturday, May 17, 2008


Today I worked my usual High School Musical/Block Party Bash shift. It was mega hot in the bad humid way. The first two shows of High School were ok. Aparently there was a funk in the air because Matt, our manager, said it was the "whitest" show he had ever seen. He said it looked like none of us had any rhythm. The whole show he stood behind the float and clapped at an awkward beat other than the music.

Matt is our new manager and at first I thought he was a huge douche bag and I couldn't stand him. Now that I have gotten to know him I am found that he is still a huge douche bag but I like him. I trust him and I know he has my back and, with the people at High School lately, that is rare.

Block Party was probably the hardest parade I have ever done today. The heat isn't the bad thing about performing outside here, it is the humidity. Walking outside today was like walking into a warm pool with your clothes on. It was gross. Plus I was in track 2, the track I hate the most. Angy was my partner though and that is always a plus. She came in because Erin is suspended. That is a wholenother blog that will never be written cause it is a violation of company policy. Anyone at High School knows what I speak of.

Anywho. The last High School show was the what made my whole day worth it. As we arrived at the hat to do show we noticed the cutest little boy that has ever exsisted standing stage left. Lets make a list so I can properly illustrate his cute factor:
        1. Full on HSM garb including a foam finger
        2. Red Hair
        3. Chubby Cheeks
        4. Freckles
        5. Bright Blue Eyes
        6. BRITISH ACCENT!

So needless to say, the best thing ever. Behind him was his stout mom and father, all three looking uber excited to see the show. Well we did the show and obviously he was picked for every crowd participation.

Beri picked him for the brush dance.

I picked him for the limbo. (it was really sad, on the way out he tripped and lost his wittle croc shoe off of his foot. By the time I helped him up and we got his shoe on the limbo was over. A for effort though!)

Then Katie brought him up to teach him the wildcat break down.

He was so precious and the whole time his mom was filming him with the biggest smile on her face. As we finished the show we started assembling to leave I had the weirdest feeling like we should do a meet-and-greet with him and his family. It was, however, our last show and usually the policy is that we don't do m&g's after the last show cause everyone wants to leave. But I couldn't shake it so I asked our manager Nancy if we could do one with them.

She agreed and I am so glad that we did. He came back stage intimidated but extremely excited. He was very quiet and his mom told us that his name was Riley. We all gave him high fives and asked him what his favorite part of the show was. In his wittle british accent he said:

"My mum"

Then his mom informed us that he was autistic and that is why he didn't speak much. She started crying tears of gratitude as she explained that this would be the highlight of their "holiday". They we so grateful and sweet and it was so nice to be around such a pure energy like Riley's.

Moments like that really make me appreciate my job. At first glance High School Musical seems extremely vapid but in all honesty it really connects to those little kids. I am extremely grateful for the position that I am in and I am even more thankful that I got to meet Riley.

Quote of the Day

If any of you have seen my myspace you have probably seen this one but still it is a good one. It is by Albert Einstein. In the past I have never really seen the big deal with him. I mean sure he is good at math, but he failed like every other subject and I am sure his people skills weren't the greatest. But this quote gives me a new perspective on his thinking.

"Great Spirits
Have Always Encountered
Violent Opposition from
Mediocre Minds"

+ Albert Einstein

Friday, May 16, 2008

100 Things

So at the suggestion of Dusty I am going to list 100 things that I love. They aren't in any order and there are thousands of things that I love but this is just my stream of consciousness.

1. Art
2. Performing
3. Juno
4. Movies
5. Peter
6. Meditation
7. Sleep
8. Liz
9. Blogs
10. Myspace
11. High School Musical
12. My Job
13. Disney World
14. Plants
15. Fish
16. Photography
17. IKEA
18. Soda
19. Food
20. Grocery Shopping
21. My Mom
22. Learning
23. A New Earth
23. Oprah
24. Laughing
25. Kissing
26. Attention
27. Intimacy
28. Peace
29. Music
30. Singing in the car
31. Driving
32. Rain
33. Money
34. Accomplishing tasks
35. Allie
36. Painting
37. Drawing
38. Deep conversations with Summer
39. Sarah
40. Dogs
41. Feeling
42. Color
43. Crying in movies
44. Shopping by myself
45. Lemurs
46. Armadillos
47. My Brother
48. The Sun
49. The Universe
50. Stars
51. Tarot Cards
52. Fortune Tellers
53. Caramel Apples
54. Feeling Wanted
55. Touching Someone's Life
56. Taking care of people
57. Candles
58. Fire
59. Incense
60. Block Party
61. Good Notes
62. The Toy Shirts
63. Design
64. Utah Friends that don't suck
65. Wind
66. Giving Presents
67. Reading
68. Twilight
69. Movie Trailers
70. Babies
71. Packages
72. Heart-felt letters
73. Dreaming
74. Relaxing
75. Silence
76. Witty Dialog
77. American Beauty
78. Books
79. Theater
80. Bryan
81. Ted the Teddy Bear
82. Shiny Things
83. Movie Nights
84. Presence
85. Flowers
86. Feeling connected to someone
87. Clothes
88. Shopping
89. Talking to my parents as equals
90. The Zodiak
91. Bookstores
92. Masks
93. Fanatic Cards
94. Text Messages
95. Magic
96. Creativity
97. Understanding
98. Realization
99. Being told the truth even if it is bad
100. Being Trusted

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Far from a Fairtale...

As you may have guessed from the title of this post the party was far from magical. I don't even know where to begin. It is a really long story and my eyes hurt from doing Fant! tonight so I will summarize.

So we set off to the party dressed like a bunch "hooligans". I was a fairy (faery), Peter a Prince, Sarah Esmerelda and Justin showed up and the last minute without a costume so he threw on the gayest thing ever produced by a sewing machine, which so happened to be in Peter's closet...go figure.

So we drive the half hour or so to get to this thing, in the middle of scary, scary downtown Orlando. So we are winding through the ghetto and we hear a loud *POP*


So we do what anyone would do and ignored it until we drove the remaining five miles to the party. When we get out of the car we start looking at all the tires to see if you they are flat. Doesn't it suck that you always start with the tire AFTER the one that is flat. Those of you who have had a flat know what I speak of. You suspect your tire is flat, you look at the first's fine....second...thats good are feeling good....third tire....thank god they are all ok, your hopes are high....then the forth one the tire has been completely shredded off and it is on fire or something. Now my tire wasn't in that bad a position but still...I digress.

My tire is flat...I'm dressed like a fairy (faery), I'm in the ghetto. Now what?

Go to the party of course. I didn't get dressed for nothing. So we go to the party. It's ok, I mean everyone's costumes were awesome, there were cupcakes, everything I could have wished for. We dance, we laugh, people drink (not me, I have discovered it's not my thing), then like 12:30ish rolls around. All of the sudden I say to myself:

"Hey Bry, this is all jolly fun and all but your car is in the ghetto with a gimpy leg and you are not leaving until it is fixed."

So I decided to wrangle the butchest guys I could find, which was like finding a needle in a gaystack, and asked if they could change my tire. We go out to the car and of course I have no idea where my tools are, that is if they exist at all. Oh, also on that note, trying to get drunk people to do things is harder than herding blind, half retarded cats.

In the end, they can't fix it and meander back to the party. Note* I am very thankful that they attempted to help me though. They were a small glimmer of hope in the dismallness. So my next option is AAA. They are less helpful than the re-re cats and the drunk people combined usually they are my last resort. So I call triple A (the three A thing weirded me out in that last sentence) and they send someone but they won't be there till like 1:30 am. Frustrated and freezing I take my half naked self back to the party.

At this point the party is at that awkward stage where the only people there are the really trashed people that won't stop dancing, the escorts of the drunkards and the hosts of the shindig who, at this point, are beginning to clean everything up. So you feel super awkward not helping so you, as a sober sally or some boy name that starts with S...steve, sober steve, feel like you need to help too, but you don't want to so instead you just shuffle things around.

My saving grace in that situation is my phone ringing in my loin cloth. It's triple A, they are here. By the time I gather the troops and get to the car the guy is annoyed. I walked up to the window in my loin cloth and glittery exposed chest and he just looks at me. After an awkward conversation he fixes my tire and we are on our merry we freaking think.

I-4 comes around, and the spare tire decides it wants to join it's predecessor in the trunk. So now we are stranded just like before only in stead of a party looming in the distance there are eight lanes of traffic and a brisk wind. Call number two.

"Hi triple A, this is Bry Schultz and my tire is flat again"

Time for a shout out to a beloved friend. Dusty, dressed as Peter Pan, turned around and came to meet us. He sat there in the cold without even batting an eye. I love you Dusty. Anywho, two hours later a tow truck pulls up to Peter Pan trying to fix the tire surrounded by fairy (faery), prince charming who has wrapped himself in a towel in an attempt to stay warm, a delirious Esmerelda and Super Gay who has passed out in Dusty's car.

Finally, $60 later, he tows us home and we get to sleep.

So needless to say, the party was amazing.

I am, however, glad for the experience because it seriously showed me who I can count on in a sticky situation. It showed me who my true friends are. Ok PBS is over. Plus if the party had been like every other party this blog wouldn't be nearly as long, and where in the fun in that?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fairytale Party

So tonight is Tony & Cory's Fairytale Party. It is going to be quite exciting. Everyone is required to dress as a character from their favorite fairytale. I am going as that red headed Fairy or (Faery depending on who you talk to and how big of a loser you are) from Fern Gully. I can't remember his name but Peter says it is Tim...right. He is going as a Prince and Sarah is Esmerelda. It should be fun. More to come about it later.

Part Deux

I have decided to start blogging again. I need to not feel like I have to write a novel for every entry. So I am gonna try and keep them short and sweet. So for my first entry I am going to post the lyrics to a song I wrote called "Empty Shell". I really like the lyrics but I don't like the music. So if there are any song writers out there, maybe a little help?

"Empty Shell"

I clasp your hands as you grasp my head, soft against your core
I hear your heart against your ribs, like knocking on a door
The rhythmic push, through your veins, from your bottom to your top
And I can’t conceive the ache I’d feel if I ever heard it stop.

You pull away from me, as your gaze gently holds my eye
“Is something wrong my love?” you quiz framed around a sigh

Its just the way I feel against your heart
it pumps for me as well
and without it’s tone against my mind
I’m just an empty shell

It’s not that I am weak or that I can’t stand on my own
I’ve fought through a lot of shit all the while I was all alone
It’s just that now that I have you I just don’t want to fight alone.
I’ve heard the beating sound of you life and now, now I know

I know the way I feel against your heart
it pumps for me as well
and without it’s tone against my mind
I’m just an empty shell

I need you, you fill me up you make my frame work turn
You see me, and watch me beg I need more love to burn
You look at me as I say these words, I’m hollow like an empty tube
The tragic part my love is I’m empty cause of you