Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Magic at SeaWorld

Yesterday Peter, Justin and I went to SeaWorld. We all have season passes there. We have found that it is essential when living here to have a season pass to all the theme parks around here because what else is there to do on your day off?

SeaWorld, in all honesty is pretty ghetto. If they didn't have adorable animals, they wouldn't exist. Fortunately they do so we buy season passes. They always make each trip different because you never know what wild animals are gonna do when you stick em' in a cage and yell at them. Anywho, yesterday's trip was especially magical, because of a special Beluga Whale that I just decided to name Doris.

We met Doris in the Wild Arctic experience on the far side of the park. I definitely recommend the attraction as long as you go in through the exit and skip the awful 3D ride. It is like a bad Star Tours with twice the potential for nausea.

Back to Doris. The Beluga Whale enclosure is open and you can lean over the edge and look down into the water. As we were watching we decided to listen to the absurd instinct to wave at the sea creatures below, as if they would wave back. We were surprised, however, that Doris noticed us and responded. Every time we would wave she would jump up and touch our hand. I know awesome right!? luckily we had a video camera so you can see the magic unfold.

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Allie said...

Oh my goodness! That is so awesome! Gotta love Doris. I've always wanted to do that!