Saturday, May 17, 2008


Today I worked my usual High School Musical/Block Party Bash shift. It was mega hot in the bad humid way. The first two shows of High School were ok. Aparently there was a funk in the air because Matt, our manager, said it was the "whitest" show he had ever seen. He said it looked like none of us had any rhythm. The whole show he stood behind the float and clapped at an awkward beat other than the music.

Matt is our new manager and at first I thought he was a huge douche bag and I couldn't stand him. Now that I have gotten to know him I am found that he is still a huge douche bag but I like him. I trust him and I know he has my back and, with the people at High School lately, that is rare.

Block Party was probably the hardest parade I have ever done today. The heat isn't the bad thing about performing outside here, it is the humidity. Walking outside today was like walking into a warm pool with your clothes on. It was gross. Plus I was in track 2, the track I hate the most. Angy was my partner though and that is always a plus. She came in because Erin is suspended. That is a wholenother blog that will never be written cause it is a violation of company policy. Anyone at High School knows what I speak of.

Anywho. The last High School show was the what made my whole day worth it. As we arrived at the hat to do show we noticed the cutest little boy that has ever exsisted standing stage left. Lets make a list so I can properly illustrate his cute factor:
        1. Full on HSM garb including a foam finger
        2. Red Hair
        3. Chubby Cheeks
        4. Freckles
        5. Bright Blue Eyes
        6. BRITISH ACCENT!

So needless to say, the best thing ever. Behind him was his stout mom and father, all three looking uber excited to see the show. Well we did the show and obviously he was picked for every crowd participation.

Beri picked him for the brush dance.

I picked him for the limbo. (it was really sad, on the way out he tripped and lost his wittle croc shoe off of his foot. By the time I helped him up and we got his shoe on the limbo was over. A for effort though!)

Then Katie brought him up to teach him the wildcat break down.

He was so precious and the whole time his mom was filming him with the biggest smile on her face. As we finished the show we started assembling to leave I had the weirdest feeling like we should do a meet-and-greet with him and his family. It was, however, our last show and usually the policy is that we don't do m&g's after the last show cause everyone wants to leave. But I couldn't shake it so I asked our manager Nancy if we could do one with them.

She agreed and I am so glad that we did. He came back stage intimidated but extremely excited. He was very quiet and his mom told us that his name was Riley. We all gave him high fives and asked him what his favorite part of the show was. In his wittle british accent he said:

"My mum"

Then his mom informed us that he was autistic and that is why he didn't speak much. She started crying tears of gratitude as she explained that this would be the highlight of their "holiday". They we so grateful and sweet and it was so nice to be around such a pure energy like Riley's.

Moments like that really make me appreciate my job. At first glance High School Musical seems extremely vapid but in all honesty it really connects to those little kids. I am extremely grateful for the position that I am in and I am even more thankful that I got to meet Riley.

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Allie said...

As far as wonderful moments go, this one is high on my list. Stuff like this only happens once in a while. I'm glad you blogged it.