Monday, June 9, 2008


Ever since I was little I always found myself making lists of goals. I probably have like 50 random lists of goals floating around. I seriously wrote them all the time. One time I was writing a list in church and this snatchy girl that I was sitting next to wanted to know what I was doing. Being true to her previous description, she snatched the list from out of my hand and upon reading it said "These are stupid goals". Well guess what girl, you can go to hell. But I digress.
The other day I found one of my lists and it was exceedingly amusing. Some of my aspirations were pretty far fetched, such as becoming a "Storm Chaser" like in the movie Twister, or collect dirt for every country (I know, random). It was pretty funny. Not all of my goals were out there such as "Learn Another Language" or "Write a Book" but I found it interesting how much some of my simple goals have changed as I have grown up. As I was reading my long lost index of intentions I was inspired to make a new list for my present self. I will admit that some of my dreams are still kind of abstract to say the least, but thats why they are called dreams so back off miss snatchy:

Bry's List of Dreams:

  1. Swim with Dolphins
  2. Learn to speak Spanish fluently
  3. Write a book that majorly influences people
  4. Have my art showcased in a gallery
  5. Be on TV in something that doesn't have to do with Disney or a news cast
  6. Go to culinary school (not because I want to be a chef but because I like to cook)
  7. Move to Hollywood (cliche I know)
  8. Get a dog
  9. Have kids
  10. Be in a major magazine
  11. Write for a newspaper column
  12. Own a brand new car
  13. Do a cirque du soleli show
  14. Own a small house decorated completely by me
  15. Have a job that doesn't require me to live paycheck to paycheck
  16. Be in a major film
  17. Meet Eckhart Tolle
  18. Be truly happy inside no matter what is happening in my life

Apparently I am easy to please and can't even break 20. But I am pretty content with everything that is on my humble 18 item catalog. So there you have it.

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