Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Gay Days

This week here at the magical Walt Disney World that we live in there is this festive (to say the least) event happening called Gay Days. For those of you who don't live in the Orlando area lemme explain.

Every year there is a MASSIVE event called Gay Days here in the parks. It is meant to be a week long celebration of diversity and acceptance. Considering that there are many of Cast Members here in the park that choose that lifestyle, it is a highly anticipated event. In theory, it sounds like a positive thing to promote togetherness and unity for members of the gay and lesbian community.

Now I am all about freedom of speech and equal opportunity for everyone. I can honestly say that I want everyone, no matter your religion, skin color, orientation, lifestyle, or opinions to be equal in this world. I may not necessarily agree with everything that some people say or do, but I don't feel it is my right to tell people what they can do or believe in .

However I am kind of irked about some of the things I have been experiencing while working this week and the weeks leading up to this event. The following are simply my thoughts as I have observed some of the conversations that have been happening around me. Please keep in mind I am not anti-anything in my remarks, I am simply trying to get a point across.

As the first week of June began to get closer I started hearing conversations having to do with Gay Days.

"I need to start working out so I can get into shape for Gay Days." I heard someone say as I eavesdropped on a conversation between two people. They then began to explain that they wanted to be in shape so they could hook up with some people during the weeks festivities.

This conversation really frustrated me. The subject of acceptance has been the topic of many conversations I have heard and had when it comes to gay rights. I always hear the never ending debate that, as I stated above and agree with myself, there should be acceptance for people who choose that particular lifestyle. They complain that people have a stereotype in their mind and that they are judged by that cliche. It is hard for me to show sympathy when statements like the one above are made. If the objective of going to an event like gay days is to sleep with as many people as one can, it is understandable that people have a preconceived notion about the lifestyle associated with it the event. It is discouraging to me that an event that is supposed to promote acceptance is, in reality, perpetuating a stereotype.

As this week arrived, my attitude towards what was about to happen was less than positive. All week everyone asks each other,

"What are you doing for gay days?" as if it is a religious holiday like Christmas or something. I just grow weary of the hypocrisy I suppose. There was one conversation I hear last night though that made me feel a little better about the overall attitude of people in this bubble called Disney.

I was in a brush-up rehearsal for a show I rarely do here. It was a monotonous and, in my opinion, pointless waste of time. Most of the run through was spent sitting in the stands of the theater. I sat in the back and listened to the bored conversations of my peers. At one point one boy turned to another and asked the redundant question:

"What are you doing for gay days?"

"Nothing. It's not really my thing." The other boy simply stated.

"What do you mean "It's not your thing". Being gay isn't your thing?" At this point another boy sitting next to the conversation joined in with by responding for the boy who was being questioned.

"Maybe there is more to his personality than being gay. Maybe he doesn't have to concentrate on one small piece of his life. There is more to him than being gay." I was really impressed by that answer. What he said was so profound to me. It goes deeper than being gay, it pertains to anything in life. When you take a small part of your personality and magnify it to the point it becomes your entire personality that is where the problem lies. Why choose a small part of who you are and let it consume you when who you are is so much deeper?

I guess I am just annoyed by the complaining. I was reading a letter to the editor yesterday that actually went right along with what I have been contimplating about. It is by Aaron Hicklin and the one quote that really summed up what I was feeling said:

"I don't want anyone to think of my sexuality as exceptional, for better or for worse; in fact, I'd rather they didn't think of it at all."

I feel that things would be a lot easier for people if they would just be rather than identifying solely with a particular aspect of their life. I am not even speaking about the gay thing anymore. I feel it applies to anything in life.

Anywho, I am sorry for the rant. I just get so disheartened by the things people do and say sometimes. I see their sadness and wish I could help them, but I can't because you can't help someone who doesn't want to be helped.

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jayeefrae said...

snapssnapssnapssnapssnapssnapssnapssnapssnapssnaps. Lets not let our sexuallity, such a tiny facet of who we are, consume it all...