Monday, June 9, 2008

God and Futurama

As I go through my life the weirdest things inspire me. Tonight I was enjoying a relaxing night at home by myself. I was doing laundry, cooking dinner and watching TV. I opened the Tivo list and started watching one of my favorite shows Futurama.
The episode began with Bender, a robot from the future getting accidentally mistaken for a torpedo and fired at space pirates by Leela. It isn't as weird as it sounds. Anywho, he gets launched into space and is left to drift there forever. The episode continues and is full of crazy shinanigans and one liners. The thing that really got to me was the final scene. Bender suddenly drifts into a cosmos that he discovers is god. It envelopes him in light and begins to talk to him. Now of course it is a cartoon so the stuff god says isn't exactly inspiring but as I was watching I started to think of how comforting it would be to be floating and completely enveloped in God. I hope that I can experience it someday.

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