Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Lovely Bones

The picture in this post is a photo of Alice Sebold. As you can see by looking at my sidebar, one of the books I am reading, "The Lovely Bones" is written by her. I had seen it on shelves and in peoples laps for years but I never got around to reading it, although the cover always had intrigued me. Well the other day I was in Target and I saw it on the shelf and bought it on a whim. From the second I started reading it I was hooked. It is so well written and emotionally packed. I have never been so emotionally affected by a book like this one has. I have to literally take a pause and every once and a while to keep myself from losing it. It is the story of a young girl in the 70's who, like many other girls in the time, falls victim to a brutal murder. But that isn't even the saddest part! Afterwards she sits up in "her heaven" and watches the effects her death has on her parents marriage, her two siblings and everyone else she came in contact with while she was alive. The way she describes how her parents are feeling, and the things she thinks just breaks my heart. The realistic observations of life and people undergoing hardships are so on point. It sounds strange but I feel so emotionally protective for these characters and their well being. Needless to say it is so amazing and I seriously recommend it.

On another note they are making a film version of the book. It stars Mark Wahlberg, Rachel Wiez (yes mam), and that amazing little girl from "Attonment". It is also being directed by Peter Jackson so you know it will be epic.

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