Monday, June 2, 2008


So as of late I have become obsessed with the show Meerkat Manor. It is pretty much the coolest thing ever invented by the execs at Animal Planet. Picture this: A bunch of scientists from Cambridge go out into the desert, find a bunch of meerkats (which happen to be the cutest wittle fings ever created), film them for months then make up a dramatic story line from what unfolds. It is like 90210 Meerkat Edition.

It is freaky how much these wittle guys act like humans. There is this one episode where one of the meerkats named Flower gets banished but then she is welcomed back into the family like a month later by her sister, who lets her back in just because she needs a babysitter for her new pups. Anywho when they are reunited they totally run in slow-mo up to each other and give one another a precious meerkat hug. You can't write that stuff!

Bottom line: the most adorable (and only) animal drama on television. Go watch it.

Here is a commercial so you can soak up it's awesomeness right now!

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