Saturday, June 21, 2008

Not-So Present...

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Today as I was making the hour long trek through the parking lot to leave work
I started going over the happenings of my day. I was, like always, at my usual High School/Block Party shift. As I thought about my day and the shows I did I came to a startling conclusion: I didn't remember a single guest that watched our show today. Now for any other show this may not really be a big deal but with High School/Block Party it so is. The reason being is this: there is more audience participation in those two shows than in an episode of The Price is Right. We go into the audience and interact with people like 80 times a show. That is like 200 times that I dove into a crowd of people today and spent an extended amount of time with them. Now do you see the problem with me not remembering them? If I am really that unconscious during our shows then something needs to change. One of my major goals in life is to become more conscious, like the amazing Eckhart Tolle. I am fairly sure that he remembers at least one person from every seminar he holds. Anywho, it was just a little reality check today reminding me to always try to be present in the moment and not off in la la land. So there's my story for the day. Good night.

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