Monday, June 2, 2008

Quote of the Day

I haven't done a quote of the day for a while. The reason being is that I found myself searching for a meaningful quote which kind of eliminates the point. So I have just been waiting for quotes to jump out at me. If I read something and it slaps my cerebellum or tugs my heart stringys then I will jot it down. But you can't force that kind of magic so the quotes of the day might not be a daily thing. Sorry to break your heart.

Earlier today, as you might have seen (all two of my loyal readers, thanks mom) I wrote a post about Alanis's new CD. Well, this sent me on an obsessive internet spree of her website, where I just happen to find the quote of the day. It was written on the top bar of her home page and it said:

"Don't try to carpet the world, wear slippers."

I liked this quote because it came as an answer to some questions I have been having. Lately at work there has been ridiculous amounts of drama. The entire feeling of our group has shifted from it's previous happy energy to a negative, suspicious sensation when one enters. I hate it with a fiery passion of a thousand suns. High School used to be a safe and caring place. Don't get me wrong, we can be bitches, but for the most part there has always been an underlying feeling of love.

I really miss it, which is why lately I have been trying to get us back to wear we used to be. It has been so frustrating, trying to fix everything and put out every fire. I am not a fireman people. So when I saw this quote it hit me. All I need to do is fix myself. I need to stop frantically trying to fix the world around me. If I fix myself then eventually, everything around me will be ok too.

So thank you Alanis for the advice, and the awesome quote of the day.

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