Sunday, July 27, 2008

LVD: Hurrincane High School Musical

OK I know that it isn't August yet, however, I am too excited about the segment I thought of for August so I am going to start it now.

Basically I got my dare and I love it. At high school we named her Liv because she can speak and read me my text messages. It is great. Anywho. For the month of August the new segment is called "Liv's Video of the DAY! or LVD for short. Since Liv has an awesome video camera on her backside, I am going to exploit that.

I am going to start to share the ridiculous things that I see on a daily basis. It is pretty funny stuff. So here we go.

Today's Video I call "Hurricane High School Musical".

She's the nicest thing...

Today's song of the day is by Kate Nash. I recently discovered her on accident and I am so in love with her. Her lyrics are so conversational and all of her songs are so easy for me to relate. Plus she has the most adorable Brittish accent, I just wanna squeeze her to death. I love her so much. She is so quirky and fun. It is really hard for me to narrow it down to just one song of hers cause all of them are so great. Among the amazing ones are "Foundations", "Pumpkin Soup", "The Shit Song", "Dickhead", "Merry Happy", "Skeleton Songs" and "Mariella". The song that I have chosen today is called "Nicest Thing". It is such a pretty song and I love it. Here are the lyrics:

"The Nicest Thing"

All I know is that you're so nice
You're the nicest thing I've seen
I wish that we could give it a go
See if we could be something

I wish I was your favorite girl
I wish you thought I was the reason you are in the world
I wish my smile was your favorite kind of smile
I wish the way that I dressed was your favorite kind of style

I wish you couldn't figure me out
But you always wanna know what I was about
I wish you'd hold my hand
When I was upset
I wish you'd never forget
The look on my face when we first met

I wish you had a favorite beauty spot
That you loved secretly
'Cause it was on a hidden bit
That nobody else could see
Basically, I wish that you loved me
I wish that you needed me
I wish that you knew when I said two sugars,
Actually I meant three

I wish that without me your heart would break
I wish that without me you'd be spending the rest of your nights awake
I wish that without me you couldn't eat
I wish I was the last thing on your mind before you went to sleep

Look, all I know is that you're the nicest thing I've ever seen
And I wish that we could see if we could be something
Yeah I wish that we could see if we could be something

This Day In History...

Ok I will be the first to admit that this month's segment "This Day In History" was a flop. It sounded good at the time but then again so did Monica Lewinsky to Bill. Both were bad and fat ideas. I will, however, be persevering cause I'm not a quitter damnit! I will however tell you that next month's segment is much cooler. Or at least it sounds cooler. But you will have to wait till next month for that. But as for the present it's time.

Today, July 27th, in 1940 Bugs Bunny made his official day debut the animated short "A Wild Hare". This is truly a milestone. I mean Bugs basically served as a pseudo parents for millions of neglected kids. And what would Michael Jordon's acting career had done without Bug's Oscar worth performance in the 1996 smash hit "Space Jam"?

Now here is a video featuring 50 years of Bugs Bunny in three minutes.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Colour Me Beautiful...

So I was browsing one of my favorite blogs today and I found the most hysterical video. It is called "Colour Me Beautiful" and it had me literally LingOL. You have to watch the whole thing. It is a little slow at first but it gets good. So just be present and watch the whole thing. You got nothing better to do...I mean you are reading my gotta be bored.

An Artistic Chimera...

Recently I downloaded the iTunes original session featuring one of my favorite artists of all time, the amazing Fiona Apple. Let me first explain to you how much I love Fiona Apple. First of all, I love her music. It is so rich and soulful. One of the things that initially turns me onto any music are the lyrics. I am definitely a fan of witty lyrics and her stuff is brimming with them. Another thing I love about her is how consumed she is in her thoughts and music. The session I downloaded features Her performing her music interspersed with interviews about her life and her music. Every time I listen to her speak I can just hear the depth of her mind. I think she is so fascinating. Anywho.

In one of her interviews she is talking about a six year break that she took from the industry. She says that she grew weary of the pressure and just decided to lay low. She bought a huge house with a garden and says that she spent the next six years walking around her garden and concentrating on writing music and being at piece. This struck me so strongly for some reason. I couldn't get the thought out of my head. The idea of spending six years in my garden, away from the world and simply concentrating on my art of choice sounds like the most ideal situation I could possibly imagine.

My personality is such that I feel clogged up and the only way to get my emotions out are through artistic expression. I realize how much that previous sentence oozes with egotism but I promise that isn't the way that I mean it. I have used this quote before but everyday I relate to it more and more. It is by Martha Graham and it states:

"There is a vitality, a life-force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action and because there is only one of you in all of time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and be lost."

I just wish that I could survive by in this world by simply expressing myself. What a

* here is a video of her performing her song "Extraordinary Machine". It takes a second for them to get situated but it is worth the wait.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Young Hollywood...

I have a question for all you 20-30 somethings out there: Does "Young Hollywood" make anybody else feel extremely unsuccessful? Sure they all have loads of problems ect. blah blah blah, but guess what? I have problems to, and so do you. The only difference is we make maybe a couple thousand dollars a year (maybe) and Miley Cyrus (who is 15 might I add) is worth $18.2 million US dollars.

I have four words to say to that: ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? When I was fifteen I never had more than 30 dollars to my name and I thought I was high rolling. What would a fifteen year old even do with $18.2 million dollars? When I saw that fact I thought to myself "If I was fifteen and had that much money what would I do with it?" So here is my list:

  1. Pay off all of my teachers so I would get A's in all my classes, even P.E.
  2. Speaking of PE, pay the school to put my Jr. High PE teacher in the stocks in the middle of the school so he could feel what public humiliation was like on the receiving end.
  3. Hire a group of people to caravan me (like they do in stereotyped situations of India) back and forth or wherever I fancy.
  4. Set aside a small amount of cash (only about 1.5 mil) for vending machine purposes.
  5. Buy a parrot and have it trained by a parrot whisperer to speak to me and only me.
  6. Officially change our school mascot (the falcons) to the Canyon View Meerkats.
  7. Give a lot of money to the theater dept. so our theater/sets would be awesome. As long as I was assured a major spot in anything that happened in the auditorium. Yes that includes assemblies and band concerts. A small throne on the side of the stage would do, as long as everyone rose when I entered/exited.
  8. Even though all the shirts look the same, buy every shirt Abercrombie & Fitch has ever made and have all the others destroyed. *note, this is me in eighth grade not now. Sorry Abercrombie, not really a fan anymore
  9. Have all classes that I don't appreciate, ie: PE, Math, Wood shop, basically anything but lunch and art, permanently removed, leaving the empty classrooms open for the animals.
  10. Make all the empty class rooms into animal enclosures for my viewing pleasure.
So that is basically all I would do. And all that probably would only cost like 3 mil at the most! So that would leave me mil? Maybe outlawing Math wouldn't have made such a difference, obviously it didn't help.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

This Day In History...

So my segment "This Day In History" has fallen a little short lately but it (remarkably) is not because I am lazy (which one would think). Actually it is because e every time I research history the only things I can find are depressing like "French revolutionary Jean Paul Marat was stabbed to death in his bath by royalist sympathizer Charlotte Corday."...Haha? Like really what am I suppose to say about that? Be glad that you aren't Jean Paul Marat? Honestly. But i do research it everyday.

Today however, I found a little gem that I can definitely make some light of. In 1977, A 25-hour blackout hit New York City, engendering widespread rioting and looting! OMG the same thing happened to us! Now I may not have mentioned it in the initial post but there was definitely a lot of crime that happened the night of our rolling, 25 hour blackout. Luckly, I am a photo journalist and documented the raw terror of our night:

This is one of the first effects of the blackout...I am not going to tell you what it is but it missed the pad.

There was graffiti everywhere!

Watch out it's a mugger!

In the end, she got my wallet but not my pride.

So in conclusion I just want to say I know how they felt, because I too had a night of darkness...and terror.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Catching Our Zzzzz...

With the exhausting hours we are forced to under go at work, most of us spend our day in a delirious haze. With 65 hours a week, we can barely stand up in between shows. Ever since Block Party opened we have all become zombies and, even though we aren't suppose to, we usually all fall asleep at some point through out the day.

Now you must understand that our breakroom is about the size of a personal storage shed. Seriously, the common area of our break space has only enough room for like three couches. On top of the space restrictions, there are 27 people breaking there daily, all at one time. Needless to say, the sound in the break room can reach ridiculous levels. This, however, does not keep us from getting our beauty sleep. This week I have been putting together a presentation called "How to Effectively Sleep in the High School Musical Break Room" (or HTESITHSMBR for short, you can choose how to refer to it).

But before I present it to my peers at work I wanted to share it with all of you first. So here it is:

"How to Effectively Sleep in the High School Musical Break Room

This first method I call the mummy. It is a common practice during heavy traffic times of the day.

This second method is ideal, if you have the space to accommodate it. Notice how he hides his face to keep it from being written on by others.

The third option is not for begginers. It involves falling asleep, whilst sitting up in one of the arm chairs. This is perfect because it tricks those in authority positions.

The last option is to utilize your break space. If the common areas are full, one can retreat to the changing areas, allowing one to stretch out and really relax.
*note: this method requires you to bring your own supplies (ie pillows, blankets ect.)

Evie's Favorite Spot in the House...

Lately Evie, my baby, has taken to a strange habit. She has always kind of been an odd dog, but this is by far my favorite thing she has picked up.

When we (my roommate peter and I) get home from work she jumps around and licks us, very exicted that we are home. After about 30 minutes she calms down and just kinda relaxes. This is when she starts to follow Peter around. She will not leave him alone. She waits until he sits or lays down and then SHE STRIKES!

She will not allow Peter to be laying down unless she is on top of him. It is the funniest thing. She has a bed and a blanket and she can jump up on my bed but she prefers the backside of Peter. I have taken some pictures lately to demonstrate her weird habit.

Here is Peter painting a picture with Evie as his apprentice

After a long day of painting all she wants to do is relax

And finally, here she is, watching T.V. from her favorite spot in the house.


I have an announcement to blog has officially reached 1000 views! I know! exciting! It feels like I was posting the 300 posts blog yesterday. Anywho thank you for reading and keep it up! I am sorry I have been kinda slacking lately, all my creative energy has gone into my book. But I promise to be better!

Friday, July 11, 2008

High School Musical 3...

So yesterday at work we got the news that our show (High School Musical 2: School's Out) will be closing on September 13th of this year to make way for a new show based on the third movie that comes to theaters October 24th. We are all pretty sad because we love the show we have now but after hearing this next little clip I am about to post, this third show is gonna be awesome. Tell me what you think.

Prepare yourself world...

Lately I have been reading and writing a lot and it has brought me to the conclusion that I am going to write a book. I have had this idea in my mind for a while but now I think that I am in a place that I can write it. Do you think it is a good idea? Lemme know and wish me luck.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Song of the Day...

I'm sorry for the lack of posts as of late. I seem to come down with a nasty case of writers block. But I think, with rest, I am getting over it. Anywho. Todays song of the day is from the AMAZING (notice the larger, bolder, italicized font. She's that good.) Imogen Heap. This woman rocks my world. Ya know what. I think it is time for a list:

Why Is Imogen Heap Amazing?:

  1. She sings, plays all the instruments & produces all of her music herself from her house.
  2. She wears things like this on a regular basis.
  3. Her lyrics make me cry. (this tough exterior is like area 51. It is tough to make me crack)
  4. She has a British accent.
  5. She has a video blog that she also produces from her house.
  6. She is the only one on stage at her concerts, where she sings, plays all the instruments and does things on her apple all at the same time.
I love her. I have seen her live and she sounds EXACTLY the same as she does on her CD. She is so facinating to me and I wish we were best friends. Now for the song of the day I could choose any of her songs and they would all be easily as awesome as the next. But tonight I chose one of my favorites called "The Moment I Said It". It is from "Speak For Yourself" and it is the last track on the album. For some reason this song gets to me. It is so well written and layered. She has people fighting in the background of the bridge (see if you can hear it) and my favorite part is the way she says the smashes. You'll here it in the playlist I am posting below. So enjoy the amazingness for me. (Scroll down to the bottom right hand side of my blog to pause the music that's already playing)

P.S. I am also gonna post a video of her doing a song called "Just For Now". She calls it the "accapella" version, I call it the awesome version.

"The Moment I Said It"

The moment I said it
The moment I opened my mouth
Led in your eyelids
Bulldozed the life out of me
I know what you're thinking
But darling, you're not thinking straight
Sadly things just happen we can't explain

It's not even light out,
But you've somewhere to be - no hesitation
No, I've never seen you like this
And I dont like it, I dont like it, I dont like it at all

Just put back the car keys
Or somebody's gonna get hurt
Who are you calling at this hour?
Sit down, come round, I need you now
We'll work it all out together
We're getting nowhere tonight
Now sleep, I promise it'll all seem better somehow
In time

It's not even light out
Suddenly, you've somewhere to be
No hesitation
Mmm...I've never seen you like this
You're scaring me, You're scaring me
You're scaring me to death

Don't...oh, smash...please
Don't...oh...and another one
Don't...oh...and another one

I'm losing you...I'm losing you

Trust me on this one
I've got a bad feeling
Trust me on this one
You're going to throw it all away
With no hesitation

"Just For Now"

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Song of the Day...

Today the amazing song of the day is "Bartender" by Regina Spektor. I used to have her CD "Begin To Hope" on my i-pod but it was stolen so I lost it. I kind of forgot about it until I started talking about Regina with my friend Dusty one night. In the wake of that conversation I went to my replacement i-pod to see if I had anything from her and...da da daaaaa I had nothing! It was totally a crime to my musical world. SO I went home and downloaded both her mainstream CDs. I got the shiny Bonus Edition of "Begin To Hope" which I did not have before. Anywho, moral of the story, it had new songs on it that I am infatuated with...and one of those happens to be "Bartender". So go download it cause it is beautiful. "Hero" is amazing too.

Here are the lyrics:

Come on bartender
Won't you be more tender
Give me two shots of whiskey
And a beer chaser
Love will be the death of me
Love is so fickle
Cause it starts with a flood
And it ends with a tr-tr-tr-tr-tr-tr-tr-tr-trtrickle

Come on bartender
Just a little more tender
I ate all your peanuts
Return me to sender
I've been too candid
Now I'm barely standing
Just call me a taxi
And prepare me for landing

Ooh, you have got to kick me back out
Into the cold and nasty weather
And maybe if i sober up
I will stop pretending that love is forever
Love is forever
Come on bartender(x3)

Love will be the death of me
Love will be the death of me
Love will be the death of me
Love is so fickle
Cause it starts with a flood
And it ends with a tr tr tr tr tr tr tr tr tr tr trickle
Come on bartender
Come on bartender
Come on bartender

Goals Update: July

Just an update on the goals I set for this month. I have already completed two of them and it is only the 5th!

Goal Number 3: Play with Fireworks
Status: Completed!

Goal Number 9: Rearrange my room
Status: Completed!

*disclaimer: I totally stole this idea from flutterby. I'm sorry that I have no independent creative thoughts.

This day in History...

Yesterday I didn't even bother with the "This Day In History" thing cause, come on, it was obvious, happy forth whatever. Today is different however. Today, July 5th, was a VERY important day in history. Sure yesterday was independence day. But today, in 1946........drum roll please....the bikini swimsuit made it's day bu in a Paris fashion show!

Can you imagine if we didn't have this invention?! If we hadn't broken ties with the British yesterday, whatever, we would probably have bad teeth and use weird slang like "snog" and "dust bin", but really how bad could it have been? But what if all the skanks in the world didn't have a ligit excuse to show off their ta-tas in public? What then?

Lets take a look at how ridiculous the first bikinis looked:

I mean come on you can't even see her belly button or cleavage! And on top of that her ribs aren't protruding from underneath her skin...where is the beauty in that? And what's up with the ballet slippers. What not to wear much?

Now lets see the way we do it now:

There we go. It took us 60 years but we finally have a fashionable and sensible suit for our lady friends. Look at how classy she looks as her nothings are barely covered by the sheer fabric. Classy! And I don't even have to say a thing about those ribs! The way you know your healthy/in style is if you can play your ribs like a xylophone. Trust me, I'm an expert. Just look at her, I think I can see the shape of her heart beating in her chest! Classic!

So in closing I'd like to thank the designers who have taken us leaps and bounds away from that ridiculousness that tipped onto the fashion scene back in 1946. I can't imagine if women covered up that way now a days. But when you think of it can you blame them though? WWII had just ended and they needed a good joke to get their minds off it. I'm just glad we have strayed from that notion these days. We have come so far...

Friday, July 4, 2008


Forth of July everyone! As Americans we are obviously the best country so lets shove it down everyone's throats by eating twice our body weight and blowing stuff up! What will I be doing on this "holiday"? Shaking my junk for as usual.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

R.I.P Ron John

I am sad to inform you that one of my fish, Ron John, passed away today. It was really sad. I made a coffin out of paper towels and a cereal box and sent him to rest in his watery grave. He is survived by his owner me and his partner in the tank Argento. This is the best picture I could find of him. He didn't like to hold still. Ron John you will be missed.

This day in history...

Because it is July I have a festive energy flowing through me. In honor of that, this month I will be posting a new segment called "This day in history" where we will together explore the wonders or history.

Today, July 3rd, 1890, Idaho became the 43rd state in the United States of America. I know that I am so thankful for this glittering jewel in the crown that is our country. Without Idaho what would we have?

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Into the night Gypsies...

At work, for some reason, we always act like we are a traveling band of gypsies. Weird I know. Maybe it is because we travel in large groups through the streets of the Hollywood Studios performing for strangers, or maybe it's due to our lax policy regarding personal hygiene, or maybe it's because we are extremely bored. Regardless it happens...daily. Whenever we are standing at step-off waiting to do parade we always end up speaking in accents, making a dance circle and playing make shift instruments from garbage we find around the area. It's sad I know. This is the madness that Block Party has driven us to. Anywho. It is fun to pretend to be poor and spontaneous, throwing all caution and cleanliness to the wind. It sounds magical to abandon all the conveniences of modern living and habitat the streets with a band of bohemians. Recently, however, we had an experience that proved that this notion is not true.

So two days ago, because of extenuating circumstances (ie not my fault), Progress Energy paid our apartment a visit and shut off our power. This was at about 10 a.m. When they came we just so happened to be moving Sarah, our new roommate, into our apartment so there was stuff everywhere.

So we tried to figure everything out with Progress and eventually ($280 later) we got it worked out, however, they couldn't come to turn our power back on until the next day. Awesome. At this point it was about 3 o'clock and our place was a disaster zone. Debris was everywhere and it was going to be pitch black in our apartment soon, which is so not a good combination.

So we tried to get everything situated while we still had light but, faster than we would have liked, night fell. Lemme tell you, spending the night in a dark apartment with no air conditioning, microwave or INTERNET is awful. I was going through withdrawls from the internet thing. We had to go eat at McDonalds just because they have WiFi. I am not even kidding you. The darkness is not fun. I am totally a light person so I was not enjoying myself. Plus I had this diva dog that loves to escape into the darkness and start barking at everything, freaking me out. We didn't even have flashlights. All we had were oil lanterns, which gave off a lot of light, but at the same time set off the smoke detectors about every five minutes. My eyes were so dilated I felt like a bat. Everything was going wrong. It was a freaking sauna but we were afraid to open the windows cause there are about eight species of deadly spiders outside just waiting for a security breech. Then, of course, there was an incident with the glass lantern shattering on the kitchen floor. Lemme give you the equation: Darkness + broken glass + no power for the vacuum = sucky. We finally got to sleep and the next morning, while I was in the shower, they came and turned it back on. It was something I never want to experience again. Evie was traumatized. This whole thing has taught me to 1) trust no one with your bills 2) I could never be a Gypsy for real, I appreciate A/C and the internet too much.

Here are a few pictures chronicling our endeavor:

Here we are in the darkness, Evie was so scared

Although this lighting is great for my bone structure I was not thrilled

Peter was not too excited either

It didn't really phase Sarah...I dunno if she even noticed

Evie learned what fire was

And she burned her tongue...I told you she had a hard night. . . a night of hard lessons learned by all

So that is my obscure connection to the Gypsy lifestyle. It's not for me but all you Gypsies out there I salute you.

* Update: The other night we went to this place called Cafe Tu Tu Tango and we met a real gypsy! Here is the proof!


So I think that my post about my baby was for some reason deleted so I am going to post a similar one right now.

So I am a father, to the cutest creature to ever roam this here earth. She is a little four-pound yorkie and she is precious. Her name is Princess Evie Gizmo Houdini Chewbacca Schultz. Lemme explain in list form, Cause you know I love a good list:

  • Princess: Obvious reasons
  • Evie: I have always liked the name and it just kinda fit her personality
  • Gizmo: Becuase of her giant ears she looks like Gizmo from the movie Gremlins
  • Houdini: This dog can literally escape from any containment contraption I can think up
  • Chewbacca: She wooks wike a wittle version of Chewbacca
  • Schultz: So she can carry on the family name...and if she gets married she will hyphenate her last name.
I would go on and on about her endearing personality or how her silvery coat shimmers in the summer sun but I think that the following pictures will do her better justice:

This is Evie flying:

Oh like father like daughter.

She's had a long day

So She Thinks She Can Judge...

Does anyone else think Mary Murphy is getting a little out of hand? Lets be honest, she hasn't been sober for a single Episode of So You Think You Can Dance this season, her outfits are insane and she thinks every dance is AMAZING!!!!!!! You could probably put a couple of Meerkats up on that stage, give them contemporary costumes, and put on an Elisa song and she would be in love. I think she needs to be the next person voted off.