Saturday, July 12, 2008

Catching Our Zzzzz...

With the exhausting hours we are forced to under go at work, most of us spend our day in a delirious haze. With 65 hours a week, we can barely stand up in between shows. Ever since Block Party opened we have all become zombies and, even though we aren't suppose to, we usually all fall asleep at some point through out the day.

Now you must understand that our breakroom is about the size of a personal storage shed. Seriously, the common area of our break space has only enough room for like three couches. On top of the space restrictions, there are 27 people breaking there daily, all at one time. Needless to say, the sound in the break room can reach ridiculous levels. This, however, does not keep us from getting our beauty sleep. This week I have been putting together a presentation called "How to Effectively Sleep in the High School Musical Break Room" (or HTESITHSMBR for short, you can choose how to refer to it).

But before I present it to my peers at work I wanted to share it with all of you first. So here it is:

"How to Effectively Sleep in the High School Musical Break Room

This first method I call the mummy. It is a common practice during heavy traffic times of the day.

This second method is ideal, if you have the space to accommodate it. Notice how he hides his face to keep it from being written on by others.

The third option is not for begginers. It involves falling asleep, whilst sitting up in one of the arm chairs. This is perfect because it tricks those in authority positions.

The last option is to utilize your break space. If the common areas are full, one can retreat to the changing areas, allowing one to stretch out and really relax.
*note: this method requires you to bring your own supplies (ie pillows, blankets ect.)

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Allie said...

Excellent. You should have your won column in "Cast Members' Guide" Magazine.