Saturday, July 12, 2008

Evie's Favorite Spot in the House...

Lately Evie, my baby, has taken to a strange habit. She has always kind of been an odd dog, but this is by far my favorite thing she has picked up.

When we (my roommate peter and I) get home from work she jumps around and licks us, very exicted that we are home. After about 30 minutes she calms down and just kinda relaxes. This is when she starts to follow Peter around. She will not leave him alone. She waits until he sits or lays down and then SHE STRIKES!

She will not allow Peter to be laying down unless she is on top of him. It is the funniest thing. She has a bed and a blanket and she can jump up on my bed but she prefers the backside of Peter. I have taken some pictures lately to demonstrate her weird habit.

Here is Peter painting a picture with Evie as his apprentice

After a long day of painting all she wants to do is relax

And finally, here she is, watching T.V. from her favorite spot in the house.

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