Tuesday, July 1, 2008


July everyone! This is the first (official) post of the month...forget about that cell phone thing...that was more of a side note, not a post. Here are some things I want to accomplish this month, because I love making lists!:

  1. Get my new amazing cell phone, which I have already named Herbie
  2. Actually finish the books of the month for June
  3. Play with fireworks
  4. Get through Block Party without hysterically crying or throwing up afterwards
  5. Finish (or rather start) the painting that has been sitting on my easel for a month
  6. Become more flexible (in my legs not my thinking)
  7. Save some money
  8. Buy some silverware so we don't have to keep eating cereal with measuring spoons (maybe that one should be on the top of the list)
  9. Rearrange my room
  10. Become more present
So there you have it, my list of things that I would like to but probably won't accomplish. Except for the cell phone one, that is a must.

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