Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Into the night Gypsies...

At work, for some reason, we always act like we are a traveling band of gypsies. Weird I know. Maybe it is because we travel in large groups through the streets of the Hollywood Studios performing for strangers, or maybe it's due to our lax policy regarding personal hygiene, or maybe it's because we are extremely bored. Regardless it happens...daily. Whenever we are standing at step-off waiting to do parade we always end up speaking in accents, making a dance circle and playing make shift instruments from garbage we find around the area. It's sad I know. This is the madness that Block Party has driven us to. Anywho. It is fun to pretend to be poor and spontaneous, throwing all caution and cleanliness to the wind. It sounds magical to abandon all the conveniences of modern living and habitat the streets with a band of bohemians. Recently, however, we had an experience that proved that this notion is not true.

So two days ago, because of extenuating circumstances (ie not my fault), Progress Energy paid our apartment a visit and shut off our power. This was at about 10 a.m. When they came we just so happened to be moving Sarah, our new roommate, into our apartment so there was stuff everywhere.

So we tried to figure everything out with Progress and eventually ($280 later) we got it worked out, however, they couldn't come to turn our power back on until the next day. Awesome. At this point it was about 3 o'clock and our place was a disaster zone. Debris was everywhere and it was going to be pitch black in our apartment soon, which is so not a good combination.

So we tried to get everything situated while we still had light but, faster than we would have liked, night fell. Lemme tell you, spending the night in a dark apartment with no air conditioning, microwave or INTERNET is awful. I was going through withdrawls from the internet thing. We had to go eat at McDonalds just because they have WiFi. I am not even kidding you. The darkness is not fun. I am totally a light person so I was not enjoying myself. Plus I had this diva dog that loves to escape into the darkness and start barking at everything, freaking me out. We didn't even have flashlights. All we had were oil lanterns, which gave off a lot of light, but at the same time set off the smoke detectors about every five minutes. My eyes were so dilated I felt like a bat. Everything was going wrong. It was a freaking sauna but we were afraid to open the windows cause there are about eight species of deadly spiders outside just waiting for a security breech. Then, of course, there was an incident with the glass lantern shattering on the kitchen floor. Lemme give you the equation: Darkness + broken glass + no power for the vacuum = sucky. We finally got to sleep and the next morning, while I was in the shower, they came and turned it back on. It was something I never want to experience again. Evie was traumatized. This whole thing has taught me to 1) trust no one with your bills 2) I could never be a Gypsy for real, I appreciate A/C and the internet too much.

Here are a few pictures chronicling our endeavor:

Here we are in the darkness, Evie was so scared

Although this lighting is great for my bone structure I was not thrilled

Peter was not too excited either

It didn't really phase Sarah...I dunno if she even noticed

Evie learned what fire was

And she burned her tongue...I told you she had a hard night. . . a night of hard lessons learned by all

So that is my obscure connection to the Gypsy lifestyle. It's not for me but all you Gypsies out there I salute you.

* Update: The other night we went to this place called Cafe Tu Tu Tango and we met a real gypsy! Here is the proof!


Sarah Smiles said...

hahahahahha!!!! a night we will never forget! such bad timing too!
but... you have to admit, though you may say it was depressing and frustrating at times, it was fun and adventurous and exciting as well! you loved it =P
haha love you ;)

Jish said...

but see these are the reasons why we LIVE for being gypsies!!! to skulk by the candle light and live with only the breeze to billow through our hair. i think you need to get back to your rootz bretheren. ok im going to catch up on DVR and listen to my Ipod while i text you my facebook url now. errr, i mean, while i... thatch together a shelter from some twine i found?? yeah. thats it.