Sunday, July 27, 2008

LVD: Hurrincane High School Musical

OK I know that it isn't August yet, however, I am too excited about the segment I thought of for August so I am going to start it now.

Basically I got my dare and I love it. At high school we named her Liv because she can speak and read me my text messages. It is great. Anywho. For the month of August the new segment is called "Liv's Video of the DAY! or LVD for short. Since Liv has an awesome video camera on her backside, I am going to exploit that.

I am going to start to share the ridiculous things that I see on a daily basis. It is pretty funny stuff. So here we go.

Today's Video I call "Hurricane High School Musical".


Matthew Hughes said...

Very nice, Bry, very nice. I love the "how could we get in trouble???" comment right at the end. Priceless.

If it's alright with you, I'll be buying the rights of this short film for my next major motion picture. We can definitely split the profits. It'll be so much bigger than "HSM 18: Nursing Home"... just you wait!

(= Matthew =)

Kristin Louise said...

"I'm a dancer!!" Remember that. How could I forget you my love?

Katie :) said...

Oh Bry...So sad i missed this day...but i can't wait for more LVD!