Friday, August 1, 2008

Pretty Blog...

Yes that picture is me, impressive I know, stop asking.


Lately I have had a lot of free time and, with said time, I have been unproductive and surfing the web looking at other people's blogs. I came to the conclusion that my blog is a novice in comparison the the works of art that some people put out there. So I opened a new tan in Firefox and I searched "Blog Additions".

I came across a lot of cool stuff that will be coming to a blog near you. I also, however, found some pretty ridiculous stuff out there as well. So I decided to share some of the graphics that are out there for your blogging fancy:

1: The Twilight Button

Ok I like Twilight as much as the next guy but really? How do you think your husband feels? If I had a wife I would want her heart andher neck.

2: How to gain weight:

Ok this one doesn't even make sense to me. Sit long? Huh?

3: Awkward

This one is just embarrassing. I told her it's over. Stop making blog accessories about me.

4: What's taking so long?

This one is my favorite. Tell that baby to hurry it up.

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