Thursday, September 11, 2008

Blogs I adorez...

This post that is about to happen right now is pure advertisement. I just wanted to get that off my chest before we begin.

I would like to direct your attention to the right hand side of my blog to the "Blogs I Adore" section. Now I dunno if you have ever noticed this section but it is vital in my life. Lemme explain.

As I have written about before, every morning I have a very strict routine that always includes reading the recent updates on my favorite blogs. They all make me happy in their own special way. It is a great way, in my opinion, to start the day.

So today I decided that I am going to recommend, in further detail, some of my favorite blogs to you, so you, in turn, can start your day off like a champion as well.

Bry's Favorite Blogs:


I freaking LOVE this blog. Honestly, this site is the one responsible for turning me back onto blogging in the first place. Here are some reasons I love Flutterby:

  1. It is SO atheistically pleasing I can't handle it
  2. The pictures are always either a) Originals taken by the blog's author or b) organized and beautified in photoshop
  3. Her writing is, for lack of a better word, lovely

The Jolly Porter

If you ever feel the need to laugh hysterically, please do yourself a favor and go to The Jolly. I cannot tell you how many times this blog has made me literally lol. I love this site because:

  1. His wit seriously astounds me
  2. He writes blogs about the most mundane life occurrences, but they are some of the funniest things I have ever heard
  3. It is constantly being updated so the laughter never has to end!

That Brave, Unbalanced Woman

If sarcasm is your thing let me introduce this little jem. Here is why this blog is awesome:

  1. No blog has ever been more saturated with sarcasm and contempt for stupidity
  2. She loves a good list (which you know I do as well)
  3. Her observations of everyday life make me actually consider wanting to live the college life...sorta
  4. The author is amazing and I love her...isn't that reason enough?


If you have any prior experience with my blog you have probably seen me reference someone named Josh, probably in contempt or an angry rage. Well this is his blog. Why do we love Jish? Lets explore:

  1. His post titles never disappoint, you know it's gonna be good the second you see the title
  2. It's like the male version of Brave Unbalanced, with all the amazing lists and sarcasm
  3. Celebration Pam is mentioned frequently which is always good
  4. On Dry humor...I give it a ten..ish :)
The Daily Casey

Want a little pop culture in your life? The Daily Casey has it for you.

  1. Clever post titles
  2. The music that comes with this blog is never one to disappoint
  3. The taste in music/movies is always advice to follow

The Perfect Me

This blog is special to me. If you ever want advice on what to do with your life, if you're doing the right thing, or just need someone to make you feel better, this is the blog for you

  1. It is a newer blog but the few entries are so insightful
  2. It has real adive from someone who has "been there done that.."
  3. It's written by someone you can actually momma :)

So there you have it kids. Go look em up! I promise its worth it!


Anonymous said...

I came across your blog from your Myspace and it is one of the things I pull up everyday to see what is new. I love your blogs and wish I could do the blogging thing. Now you have given me other blogs to explore and have enjoyed some of them as well.

JULIE said...

hey thanks love :)

Allie said...

Oh my! You are such a suck up!

Just kidding; you sure know how to make a girl glad she blogs! Ha.

I love your blog as well, and can't wait to read your mom's!

PS: Love you, can't wait to seeeeee yooooou!