Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Curse the Internet!

So our internet has been broken for like a week. So I apologize for the lack of postage. You better believe that there are some juicy blogs coming up! SO be patient and I promise good things are on their way!

Until then here is a video of a puppy yelling "I want out" over and over again. Animal neglect has never been so fun.


Allie said...

Oh my gash. I wasn't going to comment, although I did think that video was adorable and guilt-inducing at the same time. But, I'm sitting here on my bed with Daisy snuggled into me; I play that video, and Daisy pops her head up in much concern and doesn't put it back down until the puppy video stops. Think they speak the same doggy dialect.

Matthew Hughes said...

You have to wonder how that dog learned that.