Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Just so you know that I am still alive!

I just like this picture I took at Steak N' Shake. It has no relevance to the following post.

So I have been majorly slacking in the blogging lately. I'm SORRY! I know I falling too far behind when Josh is posting more frequently then I am!

The problem I guess is writer's block. I have just been extremely unmotivated lately. I have no inspiration for anything to write. Even now I don't really have a point or reason for writing this other than I feel bad that I have left you guys hanging. Assuming that someone reads this blog frequently. According to blogger I have one follower so, one follower...I'm sorry.

I did however add new music to the site. So every time you come to my page you don't hear the same four songs any more.

I am going to end with a list (you know I love lists) of some things I have learned and then as a result taken a cell phone picture of:

1) Test fabric on your skin before you tie it to your forehead for an extended amount of time. You never know how it will leave your skin afterward

2) The people who name the crayon colors have been given A LOT more artistic freedom as of late, a classic example is "Beaver Brown"

3) Speaking of artistic freedom, the workers at i Hop are quite creative when it comes to "Birthday Surprises"

4) Sarah has the worst Tarot Card readings e

5) Babies are always cute, even if you don't like their outfits or parents.

6) If Urban Outfitters doesn't have a bag big enough for your items, they will use a trash bag.

7) I DO NOT look good in fishnet

8) Nor with an earring

9) You can learn t
o be a confident woman at The Salvation Army

10) The Princesses are cool and everything, but Nicole likes Goliath better


Matthew Hughes said...

New music - hooray! So fun!

BTW, I think Crayola should change "Beaver" to "Mocha" - in a collected, organized effort to get our children hooked on extremely overpriced coffee drinks long before they're even able to pronounce them.

Miranda said...

I have certainly been missing your blogs!! I hope you get inspired again soon!

JayeeFrae said...

a) I think nicole and I should be freinds, because we share a common hate for princessesessses.

b) Im so curious to see whats in that sac of yours!!!

Sarah Smiles said...

loves it