Monday, October 6, 2008

Senator McCreeperton...

A good friend of mine posted this video on his myspace and I happened to watch it today. I know it is just a joke but it really creeped me out!

I dunno if McCain thought about this before agreeing to do it. I think the last thing he should do it try and make light of himself.

Watch the video while I go shower for an hour and try to get the heebie jeebies off of me.


Allie said...

How long ago was this? I thought it was funny.. but SNL made it go too long. Ha.

obkebe said...

So I really like your little shpeal by your profile pic, I agree. That's awesome. :) so tomorrow or the next day I'm hoping to post a video of my new song, on of them at least, but I'm going to make it like weekly or something, anyways, just thought I'd let you know. Hope everything is going well! :)