Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I wanted to be all creative and name this post "Womanizer" but in a different language. But when I hit my trusty online translator, alas, nothing, in any language. Apparently the word "Womanizer" is solely an English word. How predictable America. So I just added an accent. Anywho

I dunno if you guys have seen it but Britney is BACK.

I know there are several of you that don't really care but I care ok....I care. The world just didn't feel right without Britney Spears dancing in it. Her new single (as mentioned above in only English) is called "Womanizer". I wasn't really the biggest fan until I saw the video. It was then and ONLY then that I fell in love.

And I invite you to do the same.

But before we do lets talk about how "far" Britney has come. All we are gonna look at are snapshots from her first and last music videos. The pictures say a thousand words...

Hasn't she come far? Her mama must be so proud.

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Curtis said...

I totally agree with this entry. lol. Britney is BACK! And I didn't really enjoy this song until I saw the video either. But its AMAZING! Love it! Woot.