Saturday, November 15, 2008

* Cough *

I feel sick. Just like this girl. But I don't look as chic as she does.

* cough *

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I love Keith Olberman so much...

This makes me sad :(

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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Lesson Learned: Problem Solving

After a lot of thought I decided on a series for this month's posts. It will be called "Lessons Learned" and it will be all about the daily lessons that I learn.

Today's lesson is all about problem solving!

For any of you who aren't familiar with the High School Musical breakroom at Disney's Hollywood Studios lemme explain the layout a little bit.

The space serves several purposes. First it serves as a break space, with a common area full of couches and a coffee table. There is also a fridge, microwave coffee maker ect. ect. There are two dressing rooms that extend from the common space for the dancers to change in. In the far corner there is an office for our manager and computer so we can check schedules and things. The largest area of our breakroom is costuming. It is where all of the costumes are kept in bulk and also shoes, boxes and two costumers.

Now, in the past, when we needed an extra shirt or a different size pant, we would walk into costuming and grab it off the rack. Apparently the costuming manager had an issue with that and wanted to keep us from doing it.

SO rather than asking the cast to stay out of the costuming area, they simply installed this:

It is one of those fold out doors like they used in the Titanic to keep the third class passengers in the basement. Now kids, lets talk about problem solving. If you want to keep people out of somewhere, here is my suggestion: tell them not to go there. But instead of solving the problem logically they installed the cage door. Here are some reasons that this doesn't make sense:

1) The door doesn't lock
2) The walls around the costuming area don't go all the way to the ceiling, therefore allowing anyone to easily climb over.
3) There are two other doors in the back that don't lock.
4) It is a fire hazzard
5) It reminds the costumers just how much like prison their job really is.

So there you go kids. Lesson learned.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Really Sarah Palin?

Ok I know that she lost and that we won't have to deal with her but I had to post this one more thing before she goes back to polar bear land.

The following is a news cast from the Fox News Channel the day after Obams (holla) won the election. Apparently there were numerous reports about Miss Wisilla that the McCain camp kept from the public eye until after the election was over. Here are some of the jems that we weren't allowed to know:

1) She wouldn't accept preparation before the Katie Couric interview from her staff...which as you may know went swimmingly.

2) She had no idea the countries that were in NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Aggreement) which ok, I know isn't the most popular subject and the average Joe probably wouldn't know that. But this woman was running to be the vice president, literally a heartbeat (and I old one at that) away from the presidency!

3) And this is the worst one. It has now been reported that Miss Palin seriously thought that Africa was a country rather than a continent...she seriously thought that...seriously.

So those are just a few of the things reported by Fox yesterday. Watch the video below for the gist of what I just said:

Movie of the Day...

I saw this last night and it was amazing. I loved it so so so much. Go see it. It is kinda like a male version of Juno with a dash of New York underground. It is so cute and romantic. Totally a date movie if you for some reason wanted to put yourself through that sort of thing. Anywho it is so awesome and the girl who plays Norah, Kat Dennings, is memorizing. I couldn't take my eyes off her the whole movie. She is one of those people that you see in a movie and think "I wish she were my best friend". And I do.

P.S. For all you Twilight fans out there: Apparently Kat was one of the potential Bellas when they first started talking the movie. But in the end we got someone else, but I can't imagine it any other way.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I can't beleive that we are going to have a new president in a couple of hours. It is awesome. I just hope it turns out the way I want it

Fingers crossed.

<3 obams

Sisters Do As Sisters Should...

This video has to be one of the funniest things I have seen coming from SNL in a long, long time. I love love love this. So bath in the rapture: