Thursday, November 6, 2008

Really Sarah Palin?

Ok I know that she lost and that we won't have to deal with her but I had to post this one more thing before she goes back to polar bear land.

The following is a news cast from the Fox News Channel the day after Obams (holla) won the election. Apparently there were numerous reports about Miss Wisilla that the McCain camp kept from the public eye until after the election was over. Here are some of the jems that we weren't allowed to know:

1) She wouldn't accept preparation before the Katie Couric interview from her staff...which as you may know went swimmingly.

2) She had no idea the countries that were in NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Aggreement) which ok, I know isn't the most popular subject and the average Joe probably wouldn't know that. But this woman was running to be the vice president, literally a heartbeat (and I old one at that) away from the presidency!

3) And this is the worst one. It has now been reported that Miss Palin seriously thought that Africa was a country rather than a continent...she seriously thought that...seriously.

So those are just a few of the things reported by Fox yesterday. Watch the video below for the gist of what I just said:

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