Thursday, December 11, 2008

FoLK/DAK Drams...

As many of you might know I work at Disney World in Florida. Loves it. Good times.


As you may also know I do the High School Musical show at the Disney Studios on a pretty consistent basis. I also talk about it a lot as you can see from all the blogs I have posted concerning it. It's all I do with my time, what else am I gonna talk about?

Well, what many of you may NOT know is that I also know some other shows on property. One of which I do on a weekly (on Thursdays (which are my global sub days (that may or may not mean anything to you)) basis.

Yes everything Thursday I leave my life at the Hollywood Studios, hang up my Wildcat hoodie and trek over the the Animal Kingdom to do a show called The Festival Of The Lion King or FoLK for short (everything is an acronym around her cause we are way to lazy to finish our sente

So I am a stilt walker at FoLK and if you know me personally you know that I am not the biggest fan of the show. Stilts hurt my knees, I have no friends, the hours suck, the end.

But that, my friend, is for another blog. No, this blog is in fact about the DAK (Disney's Animal Kingdom) cast parking. One of my least favorite things about going to DAK is the cast member parking lot! I swear there is sorcery afoot in those lands! Everyday, I try to park my car in the same spot, so I can remember where I left it at the end of the day. But alas, 5:30 (or 10:30 according to when they decide to let us free) rolls around, I make the half mile journey back to the lot and my car is no where in sight!

I try to retrace my steps, look at the land marks, count the rows, and everytime there is no trace of it! I swear that parking lot is like hogwarts from Harry Potter or something. Everytime you leave the lot, all the cars switch places just for kicks. I wander the lot for 20 minutes, and then, suddenly it is right behind me, even though I JUST passed the space in is currently residing in.

And it is not just me either! Everyday I see Disney security gaurds drving some poor soul from row to row, searching desperatly for their vehicle. As I walk our eyes meet and I give them that look that says:

"I know how it is. Keep going, it'll turn up eventually."

So, moral of the story, if you are planning on parking in the DAK cast lot, heed my warning, and take a picture of where you parked.

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Katie said...

LOL, I love your description of FoLK. So true, everything is an acronym. I hated the DAK parking lot, those god forsaken bikes, freezing your tush off when it's 35 degrees in the morning only to be told (mind you while you're on 5 hours of sleep) you've been moved from Creature Comfort to Camp or Oasis **hurls**. I heard they're using Jaywalkers at FoLK now too. Is that true?