Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's Almost Over!

I know I have been going on and on about Retrograde for the past month but I wanted to let you all know that it is almost over!

February 1st marks the end of winter retrograde!

Here is a countdown clock to that glorious day!

So there it is! You won't have to hear about it again!

Until May 6th when it happens again...


Monday, January 26, 2009

Song of the Day...


Years and Years ago a good friend of mine, Allie, showed me this artist named Maria Mena.

She is stellar and I fell in love with here when I first heard her stuff. Then, somehow, I kinda forgot my love for her and her music was lost in the endless shuffle of music on my iPod. Well today, as I was driving home from rehearsals, suddenly her song titled "Sorry" came on.

I was suddenly reminded why I loved her so much. She is so honest and conversational in her writing. It's so simple and direct. This particular song is so heartbreaking. So I encourage you to go look her up in iTunes or your illegal music downloading software cause she acoustically rocks my world.

Thanks Allie, six years later.


Vague sound of rain
pierces through my song again
but I get distracted by the way his toes move when he plays
so I let it burn

I just poured my heart out
there's bits of it on the floor
And I take what's left of it and rinse it under cold water
And call him up for more

And I say baby, yes I feel stupid to call you, but I'm lonely
And I don't think you meant it when you said you couldn't love me
And I thought maybe if I kissed the way you do, you'd feel it too

He said I'm sorry
so sorry
I'm sorry
so sorry

He grabs my wrists
as my fingers turn into angry fists
and I wisper why can't you love me, I'll change for you
I'll play the part

And I say baby, so I feel stupid to call you, but I'm lonely
And I don't think you meant it when you said you couldn't love me
And I thought maybe if I kissed the way you do, you'd feel it too

He said I'm sorry
so sorry
I'm sorry
I am sorry


If we are friends on facebook, this is where my status comes from. No, I'm not depressed, its just stuck in my head. Stop stressing out about it and go outside or something.


Serious or Not?

Tonight I was looking back at some old posts and I realized that they are really heavy compared to the ones I have been posting lately. It seems like I was always taking on some serious subject from the gays, to drinking, or even God himself! But now all I talk about is funny videos or my life falling apart because of Mercury.

So now I ask the question:

Would you (as the reader) rather read about serious issues or entertaining ones?

If you, as the reader of my blog, can go to the side bar and answer that question, it would rather help to ease my curiosity.

Thanks :)

Friday, January 23, 2009

My Latest

It's Titled: "Hee-Cys"

Don't write me asking what it means, just put on your thinking cap and figure it out...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I Blame Mercury...And Ikea...

So you from the post before this, you know that Mercury is in Retrograde. And I wrote an entire blog about how you shouldn't make any rash decisions or start any new projects during this time period.

Tonight, I foolishly decided to rearrange/clean my room/house.

This was probably the worst I idea I could have had. Why don't I take my own advice?!

Among a slew of other mini disasters, one definitely takes the cake. Here's what happened:

So I decided that the giant, 12 shelf book shelf in our entryway need to be moved to the center of the wall it was against. No one else was available to help me move it over but I figured since it is from Ikea it would be really light because it wasn't real wood. This is the result of me trying to move it by myself:

For anyone who can't tell from the picture the ENTIRE F-ING THING FELL APART! Books everywhere, splintered wood, the whole thing. I was ready to kill those damn Sweads!

So kids remember, don't take on a large project during retrograde.


This took me like an HOUR to post because my computer is running so slow...yet another sign.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Go to Hell Mercury!

Ok guys.

I promise that I can have my own thoughts separate from Erin's and I promise that this is the last time I steal her post ideas.

But this is an important issue that I want to address!

So the planet Mercury is in retrograde. Basically, what this means is that it is moving backwards rather than per it's usual orbit around the sun. This happens three or four times a year and it messes up the energy on Earth. We are currently in the winter retrograde from January 11 - February 1.

So if you have had all your electronic equipment break down, gone through a bad break up, gotten fired or just been in an awful mood, that might be why.

It affects everyone in different ways according to your astrological sign, but on the whole, it just makes things crappy.

For more information go to this site.

As I was researching the subject I stumbled upon this awesome list on someones blog. It is pretty awesome.

10 reasons to love (okay, love is a strong word) Mercury retrograde:

  1. If your computer crashes, at least you don't have to work.
  2. If the train doesn't show up, well, you can't really work either.
  3. You have an instant excuse for being a raging bitch.
  4. You can pretend that you "just didn't understand" annoying people.
  5. You no longer have to drunk-dial an ex to hear his voice-- he'll probably call you first.
  6. No need to invent elaborate stories when you run late; just blame Mercury.
  7. You'll finally lose the contact information of all those toxic people you needed to ditch anyway.
  8. When the Internet goes down, you'll actually go outside this summer.
  9. If you're a control freak, you'll be forced to learn the art of surrender (okay, so maybe it's not so great -- but we'll blame Mercury retrograde for giving us this crappy idea).
  10. Procrastination is no longer a bad habit, it's an "essential coping strategy."


Everyone that has to deal with me right now...this is my excuse

"People born under the Aries sun sign should Beware of a tendency to leap before you look, as the mind may be too vacillating, thus inclined to avoid responsibility. Mercury in Aries gives a nervous disposition that frequently produces outbursts of temper."

sorry guys


Bry's 16 Year Old Angst: January 20, 2004

Today is my day off so naturally I was walking around the house looking for things to do other than clean.

I started looking at my book shelf to see if there was something I felt like reading, when my old journal from when I was 16 caught my eye. I started to read it and lemme tell you, I am so glad to be out of high school. For real yo.

So much drama. However there were a lot of funny things as well. SO I decided that as a new series in my blog, I am going to look through my journal and write what I wrote about that day, five years ago. I am going to call it "Bry's 16 Year Old Angst"

So here is the first installment:

Oh and PS I might blank out people's names cause even though it's been five years, it might still smart.

11:49 pm
87 Days till I am 16

Wow. A lot has happened since my last entry. As you saw in the last entry E and I broke up and it has been a rough ride. We fight a lot then act all lovey-dovey. It is confusing a lot of people. I don't fully understand what our situation is but I will eventually. Well since E and I fight all the time I started looking for other people to hang out with. Well the person I chose was one of my best friends but not a best-best friend, until now. I chose Betty. I love her she is so funny. I like her a lot. I like Allie a lot too. She is one of my best friends and she has been moving up the scale. Well Betty, Allie and I tried out for the spring play "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying" at OHS. We did the dance auditions two days ago and we are waiting for the results. I hope we get in. I want to get closer to those two. Oh ya HUGE news happened on January 19, 2004. I got my learners permit!!! This means I can drive a car as long a parent or guardian is in the front seat. And I do have plenty of parents or gaurdians to choose from so I will be driving A LOT! I am so excited. Well it is 12:12 am and I have to wake up early. Wait, no I don't tomorrow is Saturday! Hooray. Well even though I get to sleep in I am still tired. So good night.


Inauguration Day 2009!

I wish Obams the best of luck in his presidency.

Honestly my favorite thing about today is that this means all the election drama is over. It got the the point where I could care less who won, I just wanted it to be over!

I will miss this special lady though...

You'll always be in my heart


Monday, January 19, 2009


I have talked about my friend Erin's blog several times. I love it and I frequent it's...pages?

Anywho. Recently she posted a blurb titled "Praise for Post Secret"

Basically it was a plug for the Post Secret blog. She describes it as follows:

"So I'm sure a lot of you have heard of, but in case you haven't, here's the rundown: People design a postcard that reveals a secret about themselves that they've never told anyone, and they anonymously send it to this guy, Frank, who runs this website and has published collections of people's secrets for the world to see. He updates his site every Sunday with new secrets and it has now become a highlight of every Sunday in my life. Why, you ask? It's completely fascinating. EVERYONE has a secret, from affairs to suicides to moral conflict to quirky habits. It's a reminder that you, no matter how much of a freak you think you are, are not alone in your freakdom. I actually save my favorites from every week on my computer. So I want to start sharing them on my blog, just to stir your thoughts. My favorite part about visiting the site is finding the secrets that I relate to and make me say "My God, did I send that in?""

So because of this post I have become obsessed with the Post Secret Blog as well. Soooooooo I want to copy Erin and show you some of the posts that struck closest to home for me. But remember:

Erin thought of this first




You don't know me!

SO I was thinking today:

"Bry, your readers probably think you are a miserable bitch who hates his life"

Now. Sometimes, this is true. But most of the time it isn't. So I decided that I wanted to show all my readers who I really am...

with a survey.

100 Thing About the Author

001. Real name → Bryant Craig Schultz
002. Nickname(s)→ Bry, Bryguy, BryBry, Jacob
003. Zodiac sign → Aries III
004. Male or female → Male
005. Elementary → Cascade
006. Middle School → Canyon View Junior High
007. High School → Orem High School
008. Hair color -> Light Brown
009. Long or short → Short at the moment
010. Loud or Quiet → Loud
011. Sweats or Jeans → Skinny Jeans
012. Phone or Camera → (I love you camera)
013. Health freak → Kinda
014. Drink or Smoke? → Ug...neither
015. Do you have a crush on someone? Who doesn't I can already tell this was written by a 2nd grader
016. Eat or Drink → Eat
017. Piercings → None
018. Tattoos → None yet

019. Been in an airplane→ Yes
020. Been in a relationship → Yes
021. Been in a car accident →Ha yes...I am a bad driver
022. Been in a fist fight →Just with my brother

023. First piercing → n/a
024. First best friend → Michael Schultz
025. First award → I think like perfect attendance which is kinda a joke
026. First crush → Katelyn Thomas haha
028. First big vacation → Disneyland?

029. Last person you talked to - Peter
030. Last person you texted -→ Devin
031. Last person you watched a movie with - Peter & Sarah
032. Last food you ate - Leftovers from two nights ago and Estrellitas
033. Last movie you watched → Hamlet 2
034. Last song you listened to -> Paint It Golden, Colbie Calliet
035. Last thing you bought → Groceries
036. Last person you hugged → Peter

037. Food → I can't even begin to choose a favorite. Ok it's sushi
038. Drinks → Rootbeer or Iced Tea
039. Clothing → Anything from Urban Outfitters
040. Books → Way to many to list. Life of Pi. Lovely Bones. A New Earth.
041. Music → I can't decide anything! Ah!
042. Flower → Orchids, Roses, Tigerlilies
043. Colors → Red
044. Movies → American Beauty
045. Positions →Huh? Is this supposed to be dirty?
046. Subjects → Art

IN 2008..... I
047. [] kissed in the snow
048. [x]celebrated Halloween
049. [x] had your heart broken
050. [] went over the minutes on your cell phone
051. [x]someone questioned your sexual orientation
052. []came out of the closet
053. [] gotten pregnant
054. []had an abortion
055. [x]done something you've regretted.
056. [x] broke a promise
057. [x] hid a secret
058. [x] pretended to be happy
059. [x] met someone who changed your life
060. [] pretended to be sick
061. [] left the country
062. [x] tried something you normally wouldn't try and liked it
063. [x] cried over the silliest thing
064. [x] ran a mile (does block party count)
065. [x] went to the beach with your best friend(s)
066. [] stay single the whole year

067. Eating → N/A
068. Drinking → N/A
069. I'm about to →get dressed
070. Listening to → The Power Puff Girls playing in the other room...don't ask
071. Plans for today →'s late so there isn't much day left
072. Waiting for → Peace

073. Want kids? → Yes
074. Want to get married? → Yes
075. Careers in mind →Graphic Artist

076. Lips or eyes → Eyes
077. Shorter or taller? → They can't be taller than me cause I am a giant
078. Romantic or spontaneous → Both?
079. Nice stomach or nice arms → Stomach
080. Sensitive or loud → Sensitive
081. Hook-up or relationship → Relationship.
082. Trouble-maker or hesitant → Trouble Maker

083. Lost glasses/contacts → no.
084. Ran away from home → Yes
085. Hold a gun/knife for self defense → no.
086. Killed somebody--no.
087. Broken someone's heart → Yes.
088. Been arrested → no.
089. Cried when someone died → yes.

090. Yourself → Yes.
091. Miracles → Yes.
092. Love at first sight → Yes.
093. Heaven → Yes.
094. Santa Claus → No.
095. Sex on the first date → No.
096. Kiss on the first date → Maybe

097. Is there one person you want to be with right now? → Yes.
098. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life? → I want to progress more than I am
099. Do you believe in God → Yes.
100. Are you awesome: Yes I added that one

So there you have it. That is me in a nutshell...kinda. Lemme know what you think.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dear People I Went To High School With...

Please stop getting married.

You're stressing me out


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

That Guy!

So as I was aimlessly wasting my life away on blogger I ran into a blog that a good friend of mine follows.

I would give you the link to my friend's blog but he never writes in it anyway...ahem...josh.

But that is for another post.

The blog that I WOULD like to share with you is called That Guy.

The entire blog is just this: There's always that one guy in the crowd, a little out of focus, doing his own thing. This blog is a panegyric to that guy, who is living the dream: just living, just dreaming.

I have a special place in my heart for this blog because Erin and I always make it our goal to get into the background of as many pictures as possible. The picture above is just one of our many conquests. So check it out and enjoy looking at that guy.


One more


I was looking through some old books from High School (real high school not High School Musical) and I stumbled across a book we made in our creative writing class my senior year.

We called it our "Share Around" book and we filled it with work we had all done throughout the semester. It is a really good book. It is full of really good work by my peers. There is also a lot of pieces that I wrote that I had forgotten about. There is one piece in particular that I really liked called Monsters. I want to share it with you because I think you may enjoy it.

So lemme know what you think.

Monsters are a part of our lives from the first day we sleep in our beds

They live under there you know

With their fangs, and teeth, and grizzly fur

Their glowing eyes, raspy breath, and pointed ears
They are so scary

And Huge
It's a wonder they can even fit under there at all
Then we get older
Our beds get bigger

Our monsters get stronger
And they don't need the comfort of our beds anymore
They move into our heads
Where they can scare us under the covers instead

They feel fine. Do you?

Ok people. This is SO COOL!

Seriously I am actually excited about this. No sarcasm. I know it might be hard to decifer since I am usually bitter and snatchy in my posts.

But for real real this is awesome.

There is a website called We Feel Fine

According to their mission statement they define themselves as the following:

"We Feel Fine is an exploration of human emotion on a global scale.

Since August 2005, We Feel Fine has been harvesting human feelings from a large number of weblogs. Every few minutes, the system searches the world's newly posted blog entries for occurrences of the phrases "I feel" and "I am feeling". When it finds such a phrase, it records the full sentence, up to the period, and identifies the "feeling" expressed in that sentence (e.g. sad, happy, depressed, etc.). Because blogs are structured in largely standard ways, the age, gender, and geographical location of the author can often be extracted and saved along with the sentence, as can the local weather conditions at the time the sentence was written. All of this information is saved...

...The interface to this data is a self-organizing particle system, where each particle represents a single feeling posted by a single individual. The particles' properties – color, size, shape, opacity – indicate the nature of the feeling inside, and any particle can be clicked to reveal the full sentence or photograph it contains. The particles careen wildly around the screen until asked to self-organize along any number of axes, expressing various pictures of human emotion. We Feel Fine paints these pictures in six formal movements titled: Madness, Murmurs, Montage, Mobs, Metrics, and Mounds.

At its core, We Feel Fine is an artwork authored by everyone. It will grow and change as we grow and change, reflecting what's on our blogs, what's in our hearts, what's in our minds. We hope it makes the world seem a little smaller, and we hope it helps people see beauty in the everyday ups and downs of life."

Sorry I know that is a little wordy, but I thought it was interesting. So basically for those of you whose minds turn off at the sight of long paragraphs, they search blogs and find what people's emotions are then display them in for all to see in a way that is visually stimulating to the eye. It is awesome.

So go to the website and see it for yourself.

I wonder if they have even taken anything from my blog. Well I might as well help them out

"I feel excited about my life and the fact that it's only just begun."


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I have a social dilema...

That picture has absolutely nothing to do with the following post. I just like it.

Would it be tactful to ask people to follow my blog publicly? I realize that it is purely superficial and ego driven...

But I like this pictures on the side.

So please excuse the social taboo and follow my blog



My dog is cuter than yours :)

Circus in a parking lot...

First of all, I have never seen this picture of Britney. I really like it.


Miss Spears could really use some dance lessons from these guys. Don't get me wrong I love me some Britney. But she ain't got nothin on these two.

Thanks to OMG Blog for the scoop


Obnoxious camera girl: Stay behind the camera until you have some talent of your own. Love Bry


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Little Red Box of Happiness...

SO I have always said that I hated Facebook. I was pretty stubborn about it.

But I don't think anyone can resist the excitement that this picture brings. That little red box with the number brings joy like nothing else can.

Just sayin

It's like christmas


Sorry myspace. Love you

Friday, January 9, 2009

Sarah Has Bangs!

My roommate Sarah just got BANGS!

I don't wanna say any names but I am the one who told her to cut them in the first place...wait...oops.

Anyway she looks hot. Before and After. But I like the after just a little more.





Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Friends are Models...

As you know, I got a new camera. I have been going a little picture crazy. Last night we had a little impromptu photoshoot. Here are the results. Lemme know what you think...

Friday, January 2, 2009

In Case You Were Wondering...

"An Empty Tube of Toothpaste"; Revisited

Back when I first moved to Florida I started a blog. Much like this one except I only wrote in it three times and that was it. Shocking right? Me not finishing something I start. Anywho.

Well I called it "The Brycrasch Blog" which I thought was so clever and I tried to make it all trendy and cool but I knew nothing about web design at the time so all I could do was what blogger allowed, which clearly stifled my creative expression. If you want to see it click here.

That story has a point, and it isn't to redirect you to my old blog with the awful color scheme. Today I was reading all three of the posts on there and one of them struck me because of my current situation. You may know, you may not, but a very dear friend of mine moved away recently. It has been really hard for myself and all of this person's friends to cope with. Well the first blog I wrote was called "An Empty Tube of Toothpaste". When I read it, it really hit close to home. Instead of explaining it, I am just going to copy and paste the parts that were really poignant to me. So here it is:

Sections from "An Empty Tube Of Toothpaste"
Originally posted on The Brycrasch Blog, April 2007

"Goodbyes are so confusing to me. Why is it is so hard to show your true feelings of sadness when someone you love leaves you? In life, especially my life, goodbyes are inevitable; goodbye to your old friends, goodbye to the day, goodbye to the carton of expired milk in the fridge. Eventually we, as human beings have to say goodbye to everything. This is what we have been taught anyway. But I have found that this theory is so much easier said than done. For example: Tomorrow is Friday, April 13th, 2007. This means, aside from the bad luck bestowed upon the superstitious, that many members of Building 25 in my complex are leaving for their reals homes in Utah, or Minnesota, or whatnot. Their contracts here at Disney officially end tomorrow. It is so strange to see them leaving. It feels like our clothes still have the wrinkles from being in our suitcases during the long trip down here four months ago. I have grown closer and farther then closer to these people throughout their stay here and I don’t want to see them go. I really love them. I have the strongest feelings inside of me concerning them. But when I come face to face with them at the time of our final goodbye...I choke. All that comes out is small talk, chopped up and separated by awkward silence. I love these people, I really do. I just can’t get the love to come out of me so I can show it to them. I feel like an old tube of toothpaste and I am unsuccessfully trying to squeeze the last smudges of goo out onto my toothbrush..."

It will be so weird to not have him around. I kinda wish that I could have the mentality that the Disney Corp. has sometimes. As soon as your contract is over they ship you out. No goodbyes, no waiting period, no time to grieve, just business. As soon as they don’t control your schedule you need to get the hell out of their houses. Sometimes it feels like it would be so much easier if everyone had this mentality. But then again, isn’t that what life is about? Making connections with people? Maybe that is why it is easier for me to let people go; because I feel connected to the ones I love even when we are apart. I have so much love for the people leaving me tomorrow and I want to show it to them so bad. But, like I said, that is so much easier said than done."

To see the original post click here.

I miss you