Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Go to Hell Mercury!

Ok guys.

I promise that I can have my own thoughts separate from Erin's and I promise that this is the last time I steal her post ideas.

But this is an important issue that I want to address!

So the planet Mercury is in retrograde. Basically, what this means is that it is moving backwards rather than per it's usual orbit around the sun. This happens three or four times a year and it messes up the energy on Earth. We are currently in the winter retrograde from January 11 - February 1.

So if you have had all your electronic equipment break down, gone through a bad break up, gotten fired or just been in an awful mood, that might be why.

It affects everyone in different ways according to your astrological sign, but on the whole, it just makes things crappy.

For more information go to this site.

As I was researching the subject I stumbled upon this awesome list on someones blog. It is pretty awesome.

10 reasons to love (okay, love is a strong word) Mercury retrograde:

  1. If your computer crashes, at least you don't have to work.
  2. If the train doesn't show up, well, you can't really work either.
  3. You have an instant excuse for being a raging bitch.
  4. You can pretend that you "just didn't understand" annoying people.
  5. You no longer have to drunk-dial an ex to hear his voice-- he'll probably call you first.
  6. No need to invent elaborate stories when you run late; just blame Mercury.
  7. You'll finally lose the contact information of all those toxic people you needed to ditch anyway.
  8. When the Internet goes down, you'll actually go outside this summer.
  9. If you're a control freak, you'll be forced to learn the art of surrender (okay, so maybe it's not so great -- but we'll blame Mercury retrograde for giving us this crappy idea).
  10. Procrastination is no longer a bad habit, it's an "essential coping strategy."


Everyone that has to deal with me right now...this is my excuse

"People born under the Aries sun sign should Beware of a tendency to leap before you look, as the mind may be too vacillating, thus inclined to avoid responsibility. Mercury in Aries gives a nervous disposition that frequently produces outbursts of temper."

sorry guys



CirqueDuSolErin said...

you can piggyback off my blog anytime. yours still looks way cooler.

F Mercury.

The Mann Family said...

Ok so since when do YOU have a blog????? Just another way to keep in touch! And P.S. I love love LOVE this post. This totally explains my crabby mood the past month! :) And I now have an excuse (i LOVE #3)! My pissyness could also have something to do with me having to live in North Dakota...hmmm...I MISS YOU!