Monday, January 26, 2009

Serious or Not?

Tonight I was looking back at some old posts and I realized that they are really heavy compared to the ones I have been posting lately. It seems like I was always taking on some serious subject from the gays, to drinking, or even God himself! But now all I talk about is funny videos or my life falling apart because of Mercury.

So now I ask the question:

Would you (as the reader) rather read about serious issues or entertaining ones?

If you, as the reader of my blog, can go to the side bar and answer that question, it would rather help to ease my curiosity.

Thanks :)


CirqueDuSolErin said...

Life's too precious to be so serious all the time.
So Turkey and Hungary should really just see what I see...

devo said...

i say a mixture. i like your funnies because they make me laugh and feel good about my life. but i like your serious look like...because it makes me feel closer to you. and you i do love very much.

Miranda said...

I agree with Devin. I like to read whatever you feel like writing each day - funny or serious. It's a way to get to know you better.<3