Friday, March 6, 2009

Adopt A Pet!

No, not a real one silly! I know you don't actually care about things like that.

I know in order to maintain your hipster status you have to pretend to care about things like the environment and animal rights but right now, you can drop the act.

Cause I am talking about virtual pets!

So I know this website is totes old news (just like the word "totes", sorry gays, it's just not cool anymore) but I am recently obsessed with it.

It is called Bunny Hero Labs. On the site you can create and adopt virtual pets to put on your blog or myspace or friendster (what's that? I dunno either) account.

My favorite thing about it is that you can make the animals rediculous colors.

Like the Purple Hamster below, Ingrid Bogardingson


No, Ingrid never stops moving. And yes, she was born with that freaky neck twisting thing. She's sensitive about it, so don't bring it up.

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