Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Child Abuse has never been so fun: Toddlers & Tiaras

Ok, has anyone from Social Services seen this show?!

Its awful!

I mean child padgents are terrible as they are but why are we validating them by giving them a time slot?!

Do people know this is a reality show? This isn't like an episode of Big Love or something, this stuff is actually happening to these poor girls.

I dunno for sure but I think little girls already have self esteem issues without being paraded around like prized cattle and then judged against their peers.

Every little girl's dream right?

Here is a clip of the show for anyone who hasn't see it:

I just wanna buy a farm, adopt all these girls, take the vaseline off of their teeth and let them run free!


Miranda said...

This is terrible! I hate these things. Dance competitions, too.

I'm A said...

That part when the little girl is posing in front of the mirror like a prostitute and she says in this really nasty voice "ohhh, i look good" just makes my skin crawl. i. love. it.

Kristin Louise said...

I have seen this show and it's revolting! Whatever happened to simply playing at the park with dolls? What is this world coming to.

Mallie Bee said...

Oh man these shows are like train wrecks you just cant look away from, I cant believe the false teeth they make them wear when they lose a tooth. My friends and I were talking trash about these kind of things and one of our other friends who sat quietly listening to us suddenly said "I was in pageants like that" We all felt like assholes.