Thursday, March 19, 2009

Choose Your Kuler...

Hello my little Parakeets. Before we begin I must state two things about the title of this post:

A: I am aware that I spelled the word "Color" wrong.

B: Some of you may know, but I hate it when people spell "C" words with "K's"...It seriously makes me wanna go crazy (ie. Krazy, Kandy, Kats). It made me cringe to even type those.

Anyway I just had to get that out of my system. Now lets begin.


This post is for any one who is an artist or designer or something like unto that. Over the weekend I was shown the coolest website. 

It seriously it so fun/useful when having indecision about color choice/theory. 

It is called Kuler and it is amazing. 

Basically, you can choose a color and it will show you what other colors go well with it. You can choose weather you want analogous, monochromatic, triad, complimentary ect. ect. 

It also will give you the color codes for each of the colors so you can find them in photoshop or illustrator. It is so so cool.

But seriously go look at it. Even if you aren't an artist it is fun to look at. 

PS. Allie this post was basically for you :)


Allie said...

That site is wonderful! Great find, wildcat! (I finally watched HSM 3 yesterday. Took me long enough, right?)

Miranda said...

Cool website! Thanks for sharing. P.S. I hate C words spelled with K, too. <3