Friday, March 13, 2009

If you know anything about me then you probably know that I am obsessed with everything that Apple makes. Seriously Steve Wozniak could take his beard clippings, put them in an Apple box and I would buy them without even blinking an eye.

But I dunno how I feel about the new iPod Shuffle.

It is so wittle! They are describing it as smaller than a double A battery. How are you supposed to keep track of that?! I lose my car in parking lots! How am I supposed to keep track of a tic-tac sized iPod?

And forget about ever leaving the house with that thing. The second a wind kicks up you can kiss your iPod good bye.

Hope you bought the Apple Care.

On a related note, below I have posted the video explaining the features of the new shuffle. I always love the how to videos on the Apple site. The nerds that "actually work in one of the apple stores" are always so engaging in their performances. I have a hard time believing that they are retail cronies rather than trained actors. Take a look and decide for yourself.

You decide alone, but no one is alone

what? I dunno what that last part was.

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