Friday, March 6, 2009

Thanks A lot Zoobilee Zoo...

I'm scared for life.

I dunno if any of you ever saw Zoobilee Zoo when it was on T.V. but I use to watch it when I was a little kid. I blame most of my psychological issues on it.

It was so scary to me (lets be real it still is) but yet I would still watch it! Like a car accident or Chet on the Real World.

I am not being sarcastic when I say I use to have nightmares about it. Below I've posted the opening theme song, where it introduces all of the freaky characters.

The most disturbing for me is that bitch Talkatoo Cockatoo. Human Face + Bird Beak = Terrifying.

Just in case you need to re cooperate after that (which I'm sure you do) here is the Reading Rainbow theme song. It's always safe. You never saw Lavar Burton running around with a prosthetic beak on did you?! Just fun and Learning with him


My favorite part of the video is that the special guest star is "Bubbles the Chimp"


Tiffany said...

I agree. I'm glad there was somebody else who was freaked out by the show.

Jessica said...

i use to really think that host was speaking to me directly... i feel like an idiot.