Thursday, March 5, 2009


Does anybody hate Chet from the Real World: Brooklyn like I do?

Cause I hate him.

He is the most obnoxious, closed minded, immature person I have been forced by an addiction to watch on TV. And that's saying something!

Chet is from Utah.

Most people in the world don't have the best opinion of Utahns.

Lemme say this: I know a lot of people from Utah, and a lot of them are pretty cool.

Chet, however, is probably the worst example of Utah that could possibly exist.

He is a hypocrite and I don't appreciate his awkward fashion sense.

That's all.



Hey Chet, news flash, you're gay

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Anonymous said...

too funny...I feel the same way. I am a Real World addict but he drives we crazy...and they show a lot of him.