Monday, April 27, 2009

Come on Hilary, Pirate Song!

Watch this amazing video.

Its funny how something so entertaining can come from the news and an autotuner. 

I have watched it like thirty times in the last hour. 

My favorite part has to be when he harmonizes with Katie Couric and how he keeps calling everyone "shawty" 

I would definitely be more inclined to watch the news if it were always in this format. 

Amazing.  I want a copy for my iPod. 

Here are the lyrics:

You gotta do it like this. Shawty, ready, set, go!
RM: This was a pretty remarkable week on the gay marriage front
First of all, to have a state like Iowa
MG: What you tryna say about Iowa
RM: Not the east coast state
MG: East coast
RM: Not the left coast state
MG: Left coast
RM: In a decision written by a republican appointee
MG: shawty, now you sounding so fine
Give me your number, we can bump and grind
Talkin about politics all night
Leavin the club in the mornin light
If we get carred away
We might get gay-married today

CP: In my country, a marriage should be between a man and a woman
No offense to anybody out there
MG: Uh...dude, what the hell?

KC: We just heard from some of our viewers who strongly support legalizing marijuana
MG: Shawty, 5 of those calls was from me
KC: Do you think we should legalize pot alone or all drugs, including heroine, cocaine, and meth?
MG: My brain says no, but my body says yes!

KC: At the North Pole, new satellite photos show arctic ice is melting so fast
AG: Oh snap, how fast?
KC: Many scientists now believe it will be gone within 30 years
AG: Surely you jest! I'm under cardiac arrest, shawty
KC: Some researchers think it could disappear in just six
AG: Shit!
KC: Without it there could be a snowball effect
AG: Oh
KC: With temperatures rising even faster
If we all don't take bold action and take it fast
AG: Yeah,
Both: We will find ourselves on very thin ice

MG: Tell em, Hillary, pirates on very thin ice
HC: These pirates are criminals 
They are armed gangs on the sea
MG: That means the ocean
HC: The United States does not make concessions
Or ransom payments to pirates
MG: Hello, shawty, we can meet up at the mall
Browse around at the bookstore
Mentally ball until we fall
Love you, too, grandmom

Thanks to omgblog for the scoop. 

Sunday, April 26, 2009

I did it

So I know I asked you guys for your opinion on cutting my hair but I'm impatient so I just did it. Tell me what you think:



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Saturday, April 25, 2009

He So Trendy...

Do you guys know who Bobby Trendy is?

Well if you don't Bobby Trendy is a Vietnamese American interior decoratordesigner and television personality. He first achieved notoriety as a series regular on The Anna Nicole Show!

Basically, he's famous.

And we are friends. 

We went out to this club for my birthday and he just happened to be there.

He wished me Happy Birthday and I got a picture with him. He was uber nice and I liked him

Here is the picture.

I was thrilled.

What do you guys think?

So this is what my hair looks like right now:

I just took that picture seconds ago on my iSight. Literally, that is what it looks like this moment.

And THIS is what I want to do to my hair:

I know it is extreme but lemme explain:

  1. It is so f-ing hot here and dancing in the sun with long hipster hair is not fun. 
  2. I am SO tired of straightening my hair, then putting pounds of glue in it, keeping me from laying down in between shows because my hair then feels like a helmet and it's uncomfortable.
  3. I constantly crave change.
So I wanna know what you think. SO answer the poll below:

Do you think I should cut my hair like the picture of Brad Pitt above?
Yes that would be uber hot!
No, I would be embarrassed for you and make fun of you behind your back.

And If you are extremely opposed to the hairstyle, find me one you think would be suitable and send me the link in a comment.

Thanks Dorthy...

Bea Arthur passed today

She was so talented and we'll miss her

I dunno how I feel about this...

So I am at the Fedex store right now and I saw this book on the shelf:

That makes me uneasy.

That's all

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Thursday, April 23, 2009


So if you saw this post you know that I am in love with Terrariums and that I really wanted to make one. 

So I did cause I do what I want!

I wanted to tell you all the story of making my own terrarium through dance but my video camera broke so I will tell it with pictures instead:

Here is Erin with all of our supplies

I then made my own potting soil complete with packaging...

We decided to get cacti...mine is named Sheila

Erin's is Mort

More plants

The Finished Product!

Here is mine... Buddha moved in

Close up... He looked so happy I couldn't kick him out

Erin's Terrarium's Headshot

So in the end it was a success... except for the fact that we made them too big and now the lids don't fit...

We will find another use for them I'm sure...

Pet Supermarket!

So I am at the pet supermarket right now and there are two things that I wanted to share with you guys:

1) Look at this HIDEOUS cat bed

2) Look at this wittle guy! I think his spine is broken but he is so cute!!

He kinda smells though...

I guess I'm sticking to the slow loris.

They don't smell weird... In my imagination.

-- Posted on the road from the iPhone of Bry

Lazy days...

Right now I am laying in my bed. The windows are open and the warm summer air is blowing through. I hear birds outside. Evie is intently watching a bumble bee outside the window.

And I am posting this from my phone cause i am too lazy to walk to my computer.

I love the summer


-- Posted on the road from the iPhone of Bry

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Daddy I want one NOW!


I found my new pet!

Its called a Slow Loris and this is what it looks like:

Look at it's wittle eyes!

Everything is does is cute because it looks like a living cartoon character. I love it and I want one!

Watch this video and you will see just how fweaking cute this wittle guy is...

If you are bored I highly reccomend searching the words "Slow Loris" on Youtube.

You will laugh for hours.

If anyone has time please buy one for me cause it's my goal to own one before the end of this year and money is tight on my end...

That might be an issue though, considering it is on the most endangered species list...

Make it happen people.


I don't want this one

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Am I Annoyed or am I Writers?

Hello my little Ponies in Cyber country.

I have an annoyance to share with all of you...

The song "Human"  by the Killers.

The lyrics make absolutely no sense you guys (Im talking to The Killers right now)

Lets review the lyrics of the chorus:

"Are we human?
Or are we dancer?
My sign is vital
My hands are cold
And I'm on my knees
Looking for the answer
Are we human?
Or are we dancer?"


What?! That doesn't make any sense.


Are you saying that Dancers aren't Human? Cause on the one hand I kind of agree but at the same time RUDE!

Thirdly (is that right?):

Why would you imply that you are using the word "Human" in the plural sense with the word "we" before it and then, in the next line, use the singular form of "Dancer" following the "we"?!

It isn't clever it's annoying!

Thats all.

Love your work Killers just work on your grammar.


Tell me something Yellow Moon...

Ok my little polar bears... you need to do something for me.

1) Open iTunes
2) In the search bar type "Wake the Hero" by Barnaby Bright
3) Download the entire CD
4) Have your life changed for the better

Barnaby Bright people... its gonna be big.

Oh my God people this band is AMA to the ZING!

I am not exaggerating when I say that I put in my ear buds, pressed play on this CD and listened to the entire thing in one sitting!

There music is so layered and deep and woven together so well.

And lest we forget the lead singers voice!

Her name is Becky Bliss (fitting no?) and her voice is so ethereal and dynamic. Her tone is so deep and different. I am just in love with it (in a non creepy way)

SO please go and buy (not illegally download you pirates) their CD so you can not only support their artistic cause but also selfishly enrich your life with this beautiful piece of art.

Thats all

P.S. I am friends with Becky on Facebook. Jealous?

Monday, April 20, 2009


Good morning little zebras.

Today I wanted to share a new friend with you.

His name is Ingonyama and he is an African Daisy.

I have been growing him for a couple weeks now and he 
is getting so big.

More updates to come... engaging stuff right?

Sadly, when I woke up this morning, he had lost one of his leaves! Act of Nature or Evie? You be the judge...

So I'm Obsessed with Terrariums...

Much like the one above.

I just think they are so cool. Like little contained worlds.

I especially love when they are in cool apothecaries.

Like the ones below:
In case you feel like making one for yourself (and who wouldn't?!) here are some vague and hard to follow instructions:

What you need:
~clear glass lidded jar
~spray mist bottle

1. Find your perfect container.
Traditional terrariums are in clear glass lidded containers. Thrift shops usually have lots of great choices, if you can find a sweet vintage apothecary jar or a lidded Ball jar, they work great for terrariums. Just be sure its not too small, you need room for a layer of stones, dirt, moss, and any decorations you want to add, so keep that in mind when finding your lidded glass jar.

2. Layer of stones.
Since your terrarium won't have any drainage, you have to great a place for excess moisture to drain away from the roots do they aren't stilling in water. You should have a mix of small and slightly larger stones to ensure good drainage. About 1 inch of rocks, give or take, at the bottoms should be good. I found mine at the beach, but you can buy gravel from a garden shop too.

3. Soil
Its best to use potting soil from a garden shop mixed with a little bit of gardening charcoal sprinkled in which acts as a purifier to prevent bacteria from growing, but I've also used the dirt from the ground under the moss I've dug, it seems to work fine too (you just have to be sure there are no buggies in it!). The soil you use should be moist before you put it in, if its not, add some water into your soil charcoal mix before you put it into the jar. Layer in the soil into the container.

4. Plants
You can find small shrubs or moss in your yard or at a gardening store. Choose ones that are appealing to you.

5. Decorate
Now add any sweet little decorations you'd like! I love things like little Buddhas, but you can add anything you like! Just keep in mind that it stays rather moist inside your terrarium, so ceramic, glass, or plastic is the way to go, wood or other porous materials will get moldy after time!


Its important to keep your terrarium in indirect sunlight and to not to over water, just once every 2/3 weeks. If you are not sure when to water, just check the soil, it should be moist and it should not get dried out, but there should not really be much standing water at the rock level.

So there you have it. If anyone is ambitious enough to actually go make one I wanna see. Send me the pics. I will do the same. 

Good night my little walruses...or is it Walry


Thanks to By Mary Jane for the Scoop


Friday, April 17, 2009

Awwwww shucks...

I want to thank everyone for the B Day wishes...

I really want to thank Allie at flutterby for giving me a post all to my own self!

If you want to see the post (along with a really old picture of me from High School)

And once you are there you should take a look around the rest of Flutterby cause it is awesome.

One of my most favorite blogs!



Birthday to me!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Oh the gays...

Feel what you want about the gays and everything that this video has to say.

But you have to admit, the Gays are really funny.

Even when dealing with something like defending their sexual identity, they still have time to add
some hilarious levity.

If you don't hate the gays or anything, enjoy the following video.

My very favorite part, that made me literally LOL was at about 3:00. So hilarious.

PS This is in no way me trying to open up a discussion about homosexuality so leave the comments to yourself.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Its true...

I blame the media for the recession. 

Lets be positive

Thanks to Erin for the scoop

Diego's Last BYOC!

Hello my little Kuala bears. 

So here is a little diddy I just edited.

Watch if you like.

Sunday, April 12, 2009



I really like Easter. Not as much as Halloween, but wittle bunnies and candy are fine by me. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

You wanna be on top Allison?

Have you seen Allison from this season of Top Model?

Obviously you have cause she is the picture above. 

Now I really like her, I do but...

Doesn't she look like the Guinea Pig from Bedtime Stories?

Just a little?


Tyra what are you thinking? You look crazy...

Friday, April 3, 2009

Skeleton you are my friend. . .

This is a skeleton that has been hanging on the wall backstage at lion king for as long as I can remember.

He is bendable so he changes frequently.

The picture above is his latest look. He is sporting a clown nose as hair.

Where did someone find a clown nose you ask?

Who knows.

Welcome to The Festival of the Lion King.

-- Posted on the road from the iPhone of Bry

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Feliz cumpleaƱos, thats how they say it in Spain...

My birthday is coming up on April 17th.

Now you don't have an excuse if you forget.


Here are some things that I am selfishly wanting right now:

Canon Speedlite 430EX II Flash for Canon Digital SLR Cameras

A Pro Master Studio Lighting Kit

A Deep Fryer so I can make my own sweet potato fries.
This one probably won't happen but a red KitchenAid Mixer. . . I know supper gay.
Gift cards for:

Urban Outfitters

World Market

and of course Ikea

**Update: I was impatient so I just bought the lighting kit myself. So don't get that for me :)