Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Jon, Kate & Bry plus Eight...

One of my latest television obsessions is "Jon & Kate Plus Eight". I can't get enough of it people!

Jon & Kate are crazy and hate each other but those kids are so damn precious! I love them!

Watching them all grow up together makes me want to have some chillens of my own someday. 

I especially love Aaden. He is so adorable with his wittle gwasses. Look at him! He looks like a bite-sized little scientist or something. 

The clip below is from the episode where they get two dogs (because they don't have enough to deal with). As all of the kids run around and play with the puppies Aaden hides in the corner because "he's afwaid of dawgs".  

If you don't want to watch the whole video fast forward to 8:10 so you can see poor Aaden cowering in fear as one of the giant German Shepards decides he wants to play with only kid that doesn't want to see him. Poor kid. 


Jon and/or Kate, if you are reading this, no offense about the crazy thing. I love you guys too. Lets hang out sometime.

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Anonymous said...

We have this on tivo because we love it too! I think it would be fun to meet them