Thursday, April 16, 2009

Oh the gays...

Feel what you want about the gays and everything that this video has to say.

But you have to admit, the Gays are really funny.

Even when dealing with something like defending their sexual identity, they still have time to add
some hilarious levity.

If you don't hate the gays or anything, enjoy the following video.

My very favorite part, that made me literally LOL was at about 3:00. So hilarious.

PS This is in no way me trying to open up a discussion about homosexuality so leave the comments to yourself.


1 comment:

Curtis said...

I have seen this video before. Very funny! haha.

I love it. I love gays. I love you.

We are too far apart. Why did we never become good friends? Besides me being super shy around you. ;)