Monday, April 20, 2009

So I'm Obsessed with Terrariums...

Much like the one above.

I just think they are so cool. Like little contained worlds.

I especially love when they are in cool apothecaries.

Like the ones below:
In case you feel like making one for yourself (and who wouldn't?!) here are some vague and hard to follow instructions:

What you need:
~clear glass lidded jar
~spray mist bottle

1. Find your perfect container.
Traditional terrariums are in clear glass lidded containers. Thrift shops usually have lots of great choices, if you can find a sweet vintage apothecary jar or a lidded Ball jar, they work great for terrariums. Just be sure its not too small, you need room for a layer of stones, dirt, moss, and any decorations you want to add, so keep that in mind when finding your lidded glass jar.

2. Layer of stones.
Since your terrarium won't have any drainage, you have to great a place for excess moisture to drain away from the roots do they aren't stilling in water. You should have a mix of small and slightly larger stones to ensure good drainage. About 1 inch of rocks, give or take, at the bottoms should be good. I found mine at the beach, but you can buy gravel from a garden shop too.

3. Soil
Its best to use potting soil from a garden shop mixed with a little bit of gardening charcoal sprinkled in which acts as a purifier to prevent bacteria from growing, but I've also used the dirt from the ground under the moss I've dug, it seems to work fine too (you just have to be sure there are no buggies in it!). The soil you use should be moist before you put it in, if its not, add some water into your soil charcoal mix before you put it into the jar. Layer in the soil into the container.

4. Plants
You can find small shrubs or moss in your yard or at a gardening store. Choose ones that are appealing to you.

5. Decorate
Now add any sweet little decorations you'd like! I love things like little Buddhas, but you can add anything you like! Just keep in mind that it stays rather moist inside your terrarium, so ceramic, glass, or plastic is the way to go, wood or other porous materials will get moldy after time!


Its important to keep your terrarium in indirect sunlight and to not to over water, just once every 2/3 weeks. If you are not sure when to water, just check the soil, it should be moist and it should not get dried out, but there should not really be much standing water at the rock level.

So there you have it. If anyone is ambitious enough to actually go make one I wanna see. Send me the pics. I will do the same. 

Good night my little walruses...or is it Walry


Thanks to By Mary Jane for the Scoop



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