Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tell me something Yellow Moon...

Ok my little polar bears... you need to do something for me.

1) Open iTunes
2) In the search bar type "Wake the Hero" by Barnaby Bright
3) Download the entire CD
4) Have your life changed for the better

Barnaby Bright people... its gonna be big.

Oh my God people this band is AMA to the ZING!

I am not exaggerating when I say that I put in my ear buds, pressed play on this CD and listened to the entire thing in one sitting!

There music is so layered and deep and woven together so well.

And lest we forget the lead singers voice!

Her name is Becky Bliss (fitting no?) and her voice is so ethereal and dynamic. Her tone is so deep and different. I am just in love with it (in a non creepy way)

SO please go and buy (not illegally download you pirates) their CD so you can not only support their artistic cause but also selfishly enrich your life with this beautiful piece of art.

Thats all

P.S. I am friends with Becky on Facebook. Jealous?

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