Thursday, April 23, 2009


So if you saw this post you know that I am in love with Terrariums and that I really wanted to make one. 

So I did cause I do what I want!

I wanted to tell you all the story of making my own terrarium through dance but my video camera broke so I will tell it with pictures instead:

Here is Erin with all of our supplies

I then made my own potting soil complete with packaging...

We decided to get cacti...mine is named Sheila

Erin's is Mort

More plants

The Finished Product!

Here is mine... Buddha moved in

Close up... He looked so happy I couldn't kick him out

Erin's Terrarium's Headshot

So in the end it was a success... except for the fact that we made them too big and now the lids don't fit...

We will find another use for them I'm sure...


CirqueDuSolErin said...

I'm laughing out loud by myself right now. Why does my hair look like a bob in both of those pictures? wierd. AND my cactus's name was Mork....But I think Mort is more fitting. So thank you.

CirqueDuSolErin said...

p.s. i love how yours is tall and mine is short...fitting, no?

MCB said...

I love this! and I love Evie's picture! :)

The Fern and Mossery said...

Adorable terrariums! Check out my blog for tips on how to keep your terrarium healthy for a long time!