Tuesday, April 7, 2009

You wanna be on top Allison?

Have you seen Allison from this season of Top Model?

Obviously you have cause she is the picture above. 

Now I really like her, I do but...

Doesn't she look like the Guinea Pig from Bedtime Stories?

Just a little?


Tyra what are you thinking? You look crazy...


devo said...

i agree allison looks that silly lil pig. however i did love that photoshoot with the colors. i feel its something that could easily and should be recreated in the home of bry bry. ♥ you.

Mallie Bee said...

baaahahaha she DOES! I think its because she has very round eyes. Tyra is kabuki chic, and of course crazy as hell.

Allie said...

I love Allison! Eyes and all. I don't think she looks so much like Bugsy as she does the LUNA LOVEGOOD of my imagination.

Me? A Harry Potter nerd? Only a lot.