Thursday, May 21, 2009


You guys You guys You guys You guys You guys You guys You guys You guys You guys You guys You guys You guys You guys You guys You guys You guys You guys You guys You guys!

There is a show coming this fall on Fox and is SO freaking cool and I cannot WAIT for it!

The pilot episode aired last week and it is SO SO GOOD! 

Here are my reasons for loving it:

1: Jayma Mays from Epic Movie and Mall Cop.

2: Lea Michele from Spring Awakening! (And yes she sings in it frequently)

3: Jane Lynch from Best in Show and tons of other amazing movies!

4: It is a musical television series! AH!

I can't even wait till the fall when it is on the air regularly. It is Ryan Murphy so imagine High School Musical Meets Nip/Tuck which, I mean, what more could you ask for?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cinco de Mayo Madness

So here are some pictures from our in prompt to Cinco De Mayo celebration. Don't judge, it was late. 

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

8 years in 8 Mins...

I feel like everytime I post a video by Keith Olberman I 
don't really need to write anything.
He kinda just speaks for himself.


!!Cinco De Mayo!!

(that means the fifth of may for all you non spanish speakers out there)

To quote the Paradiso Girls: 

"Patron, Tequila, Get drunk on margaritas, Patron, Tequila, Me and my mamasita..."

Thats all.


Or um....


Saturday, May 2, 2009

A New Earth

You guys should read this book.

It makes me feel good. 

Here is a quote from it:

"Compassion arises when you recognize that all are suffering from the same sickness of the mind, some more acutely than others..."

                             + Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth

If that's too heavy you should read this:

It is also good and I am reading it now as well.

Friday, May 1, 2009


I have a sudden and intense love for Lady Gaga.

I know I am behind the trend but I just wasn't into her...

until this:

oh and this one

She's so cheeky. It's endearing.

Xanthophobia - The Fear of the Color Yellow.

So the other day at work a friend of mine was telling me about her friend in college that had an irrational fear of bananas. Like, literally, could not look at one without bursting into tears, which is... weird but whatever. 

I don't blame her though after looking at that picture. Kinda creepy. 

Anywho, today I got to thinking about that and I decided to look up some more irrational fears. There are some fears that are so ridiculous that I can't believe they exist. Then there are some fears that I have that I didn't realize I had till I saw them on the list. Here are some of my favorites. 

Fear of:

Yikes. I hope they never watch Project Runway. 

Beaten by a rod or instrument of punishment, or of being severely criticized- Rhabdophobia.

Hahaha! Thats specific. 

Cholera- Cholerophobia.

Don't really have to worry about this one. 

Duty or responsibility, neglecting- Paralipophobia.

I think my brothers have this one. 

Jews- Judeophobia.

HA! Thats all. 

Rooms- Koinoniphobia.

You're just screwed. Where ya gonna go?

Scabies- Scabiophobia.

Don't audition for Disney. 

Tickled by feathers or feathers- Pteronophobia.

How bad can it be? 

Ugliness- Cacophobia.

I feel this one. 

Yellow color- Xanthophobia.

This is for that one girl . You are kinda validated?

The one I can relate to is Sarmassophobia: A Fear of Dating. Its a disease people!


May Day! 

I dunno about you but the picture above screams Spring.

For anyone who has never heard of May Day it is sort of a celebration of spring. I was looking up May Day traditions and I found this little gem:

" In some parts of the United States, May Baskets are made. These baskets are small and usually filled with flowers or treats and left at someone's doorstep. The basket giver would ring the bell and run away. The person receiving the basket would try to catch the fleeing giver. If they caught the person, a kiss was to be exchanged."

Awww. I think that is a tradition that should be practiced by everyone. I love May because it is still spring but warm like the summer. 

I freakin love the Spring.

Here is a video from Robin Hood that reminds me of May nights. 

Just precious. 


How random was this post? Sorry.