Monday, June 15, 2009

Beauty & Das Beasten

Last night we watched Beauty and the Beast as we ate dinner.

I was jonesin' for it all day and I knew that Erin had a copy of
it. She got it off of Ebay and when she received it, it was in mandarin, but thankfully there was an english option.

So after watching the first five minutes in chinese we switched to english and continued to criticize it up and down as if it were one of our good
friends that had just left the room.

Things I came to realize about this movie:

  1. Honestly, at its core, not a lot of it makes sense. I know its a cartoon but really. Example: In the whole wolf chase scene: A: Belle and that horse fall into a frozen river and emerge completely fine. B: The Beast arrives and is taken down by four wolves when later in the movie, he takes an arrow to the spine and it doesn't phase him. C: When all is said and done Belle, who should be dying of hypothermia, somehow gets the beast onto the horse by herself and gets him back to the castle. It just doesn't make sense.
  2. If you pause the movie while Belle is talking, chances are she will be making the most hideous facial expression. My favorite one: When she enters the west wing, even though she has been told repeatedly not to do so, and finds the rose. After the Beast appears and covers the rose, he looks at her and her face turns to utter disgust. Actually, I think I have a picture of it somewhere around here. One sec. AH here it is: Ooo and another good one is when she sees the Beast as a human for the first time. She makes this face like she is a little disappointed on the way he turned out. Amazing right? Happens all the time so take note of it
  3. I made this point last night during the whole "Lets get together as a quaint little french town and storm the castle to kill the beast-man" scene and I still stand by it. In my opinion, all things aside, the most ridiculous and far fetched thing about this entire movie is not the giant beast man, the talking furniture or the hideous expressions on Belle's face, its the fact that the french care enough to actually do anything.

PS I make fun of this movie but I really do love it. However, do you wanna see something really worth making fun of? Watch this clip from the Beauty and the Beast show here at the Hollywood studios. This is the transformation scene and it is pretty redic:

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Mallie Bee said...

hahaha so funny and true, this is my favorite movie to fall asleep drunk to idk why but I always end up drunk in my bed singing half the lyrics "bonjour bonjour...thats too expensive!" while my roommates giggle on the other side of the door during parties.