Thursday, July 2, 2009

Why Macbook Why?!

So I dunno if you noticed but it is now July and the layout of this blog says June.
Well let me tell you a little story kids.

This evening, as I was enjoying some SYTYCD And Wipeout and creating the July layout for the blog, the light the illuminates my LCD screen on my computer decided to go out and not come back.

So now I am faced with a dilema: I have homework due tomorrow evening but I don't have the $500 dollars to fix my screen. So that's my story.

And that's why the layout still says June. I will fix it when I can kids.

For now in will be posting from my loyal iPhone.

-- Posted on the road from the iPhone of Bry

*Note: This morning when I woke up my baby's screen turned on again! I hope that it stays this way!

1 comment:

nunez said...

looks like that mac isnt all its cracked up to be ehhhh