Sunday, September 13, 2009

I just had a Disneygasm...

You guys, watch this video. Just watch it.


Thanks to Tintinvwrites for the Scoop!

Music all the cool people should be listening to...


1. Ecllipse + Imogen Heap

Ya'll know I love me some awesome electronic music. And Imogen is the queen of the genre. I love her. Marry Me?

2. The Boy Who Knew Too Much + Mika

No one does quirky awesome like the gays! And Mika shows us that with his new album. Its sick... in a good way.

3. X + The XX

This Album fulfills all my dark and twisty music needs. Very Grunge, Very Dark, Very Cosmic.

4. Greatest Hits + Queen

Lately I have been on this classic rock kick. I blame my parents. But this album is SO good! Where did Lady Gaga get it? See Above.

5. Greatest Hits + Styx

This is my 2nd fav old school madness (queen being my first). Who doesn't love some Mr. Robato?

Saturday, September 12, 2009


As you may have gathered from the indistinguishable title of this post, I am excited about something.

You see when I'm enthused about something I cannot even bring myself to type the title of the post, my fingers just tremble with anticipation and that's what you get.


The topic of this post, and the thing that brings about all this ballyhoo is HALLOWEEN!


(There I go again. If you can't tell, Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday)

I know what you are thinking,

"Brycrasch, it is September 12th, Halloween is SO far away."

My response to that is:

1. I work for Disney where every holiday is celebrated 2 months in advance so, therefore, my Halloween Spirit is is full effect.
2. Halloween is not to be taken lightly, therefore, I believe that one should begin to prepare for it well in advance.


I just wanted to let you all know:


Also, in honor of this most grandiose celebration I am going to post one of my favorite poems about all Hallows Eve!



Thursday, September 10, 2009

Dear Bloggers of the World:

Jane Lynch says

write in your freaking blogs more often!

Thank you


That is actually not true, Jane Lynch did not say that. But wasn't she COSMIC in Glee last night?!

I just miss hearing all about your lives in blog form, so please, for me?

Start writing again.

Monday, September 7, 2009

So Cosmic: Glee!!


I, along with every other hipster & musical theater blogger in the world, cannot contain my excitement for the new season of GLEE!!


Here is the promo for the new season!

Jane Lynch is ridiculous... in the best way possible.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


What are ye thoughts?

(Sorry it's that pirate video, I can't get it out of my head)



Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Isn't that a cute pirate picture?


I recently found my cousin's blog randomly (thanks for not telling me about it Lindsey!) and through her blog I found another blog called Red Pirates.

It's not very developed but there is one little gem hiding in there.

It is a video on how to speak like a pirate.

It is BRILLIANT and I had to show it to you.


Pole Dancing Role Model...

From the title of this post, you may have thought I was going to talk about MiCy's latest Hoe outing when she pole danced in front of millions of 13 year old girls and horrified parents everywhere..

but I'm not.

Sorry Miley, your day will come.

What I am going to talk about it this:

Ok, so there's this Headline on MSN that reads "Pole Dancing Doll", and I immediately think it is some kind of adult fetish toy that has just been released. Of course I click on it expecting to see Blow Up Sally spinning for your enjoyment...

Oh but no...



Oh dear, I dunno if this is real or not but I kinda hope it is.

Here is a picture of her:

Amazing right?

She is almost as bad as the Bratz dolls!

But what is even better are the comments after the news story. Naturally, it is full of petrified parents and disgusted adults showing how they can't believe that they would have such a role model available for their kids (*cough, cough MiCy), but the best comment is the one at the bottom of the screen.

Here is a screen cap.

If it is too small to read I will tell you what is says.

User Jeffhoard says: Perfect Christmas gifts for Daughters everywhere...


Thanks Jeffhoard.

You made my night.

Oh the news...

So today as I was perusing the different news websites I realized that other countries don't really play around with their news like we do.

Here are some screen shots from MSN and BBC.

See if you can notice the difference in the top headlines:

Here is BBC:
Iraq?! Earthquakes?! Boys?!


Now here is MSN:

Pole Dancing Doll? Really?

I kinda see why people view Americans as Red-neck, sex crazed, right-winged, T.V. Junkies.

I mean, look at the top five "Hot Topics".

Geez America.

P.S. The Pole Dancing Doll sparked my fancy.


But....OMG guys it's ridiculous.

I will post about it soon.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009



Now that I am an adult and September doesn't mean I have to go back to endure the endless, tragic cycle that is elementary school I actually enjoy the month.

Reasons I like September as an adult:

  1. It cools down a little which means I will only be dancing in the sahara instead of the surface of the sun.
  2. September is just one month away from my favorite month October!
  3. Fall is fun.
And thats all I have.

But I still enjoy it.

Anywho, for the month of September I decided to make Myself in Center ANIMATED!

Hence all the cartoons, paint strokes and color everywhere.

I like it, it brings some character to the place.

All the art, including the awesome king at the first of this post is from Printstock, an awesome artist I found online. I love it, I hope you do to.

Now for this post I want to know:

Why do you like or dislike the month of September?

Leave your answer as a comment on this post.

I want more interaction between myself (brycrasch) and you (the loyal reader).

I am starting to feel like I am writing to a brick wall.

Show me it isn't true.


P.S. I moved the pictures on the left closer to the middle of the page so those who don't have big screens can still see them!