Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Isn't that a cute pirate picture?


I recently found my cousin's blog randomly (thanks for not telling me about it Lindsey!) and through her blog I found another blog called Red Pirates.

It's not very developed but there is one little gem hiding in there.

It is a video on how to speak like a pirate.

It is BRILLIANT and I had to show it to you.


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Linds said...

Yarrr...glad I be that ye found me blog. I have kind of been feeling like a creeper checking yours out the past little while without telling you about mine but a) your blog is much more interesting than mine anyway, and b) really, what is proper blog etiquette in these situations? :)
As for Red Pirates, it was a group project for a computer class I had last fall. We chose a pirate theme because it was the only thing about the class that didn't bore us to death. I am only an editor on the blog so I can't delete it or anything and since I have pretty much lost interest in updating it it will probably remain in it's current state of disrepair indefinitely.
But I'm glad you enjoyed the video. And now that you've found me you can certainly be expecting more comments from me in the future :)
PS- Don't forget: September 19 is International Talk Like a Pirate Day!! Avast!