Tuesday, September 1, 2009



Now that I am an adult and September doesn't mean I have to go back to endure the endless, tragic cycle that is elementary school I actually enjoy the month.

Reasons I like September as an adult:

  1. It cools down a little which means I will only be dancing in the sahara instead of the surface of the sun.
  2. September is just one month away from my favorite month October!
  3. Fall is fun.
And thats all I have.

But I still enjoy it.

Anywho, for the month of September I decided to make Myself in Center ANIMATED!

Hence all the cartoons, paint strokes and color everywhere.

I like it, it brings some character to the place.

All the art, including the awesome king at the first of this post is from Printstock, an awesome artist I found online. I love it, I hope you do to.

Now for this post I want to know:

Why do you like or dislike the month of September?

Leave your answer as a comment on this post.

I want more interaction between myself (brycrasch) and you (the loyal reader).

I am starting to feel like I am writing to a brick wall.

Show me it isn't true.


P.S. I moved the pictures on the left closer to the middle of the page so those who don't have big screens can still see them!


Allie said...

Hmm... Well, I do love fall and scarves and beautiful leaves and I WAS BORN IN SEPTEMBER! The end.

Chad and Elizabeth said...

Yeah... same as Allie. My favorite thing about September is MY BIRTHDAY! and going to Disneyland for free :) Woohoo!

CirqueDuSolErin said...

You took my October answer. I guess I'll say I like back to school clothes shopping...except i'm not going back to school...I like that Green Day song about taking a nap during September... Yeah, I like naps.

Miranda said...

I like September, but I love summer and I'm going to miss it. :) I love you, too.

Chall said...

I don't really know how to describe my favorite thing about Septemeber...but I shall try.

Well I feel like the saturation of color changes...everything looks cooler despite the warm tones in the changing leaves (well not here in FL). I look at pictures and feel like they look different...and I LOVE IT!

Matthew said...


It's no longer August, which, as you mentioned, is like living on the Sun. The coming of September means the humidity trap will be over soon!

Also, knowing the crazy Summer season is over and, for me, school is back in full swing, helps relieve a little tension.

And it just sounds cool... "SEP-tem-BER!"

Gavin said...

The only reason i like September is because the leaves start changing and it means fall is almost here. It is the best transitional month ever. Much better than like, april where you think that spring is happening but its really just still winter and awful. September you can see and feel that the best seasons are almost here.

Elise said...

Good morning - I just had to stop by and leave you a note because you have the most wonderfully fabulous blog. I've loved reading your interesting posts, all very creative and great pictures too. What could be more perfect ? Thanks for sharing them all and best wishes...

Anonymous said...

Since I am a parent, I can say one reason I like September is because the kids are in school. Being in Florida, I also like September because the temps do drop a little and we do have some beautiful nights with a great breeze. It is one month closer to my favorite times of the year, Halloween, Brandon's birthday, Thanskgiving, and Christmas.