Sunday, September 13, 2009

Music all the cool people should be listening to...


1. Ecllipse + Imogen Heap

Ya'll know I love me some awesome electronic music. And Imogen is the queen of the genre. I love her. Marry Me?

2. The Boy Who Knew Too Much + Mika

No one does quirky awesome like the gays! And Mika shows us that with his new album. Its sick... in a good way.

3. X + The XX

This Album fulfills all my dark and twisty music needs. Very Grunge, Very Dark, Very Cosmic.

4. Greatest Hits + Queen

Lately I have been on this classic rock kick. I blame my parents. But this album is SO good! Where did Lady Gaga get it? See Above.

5. Greatest Hits + Styx

This is my 2nd fav old school madness (queen being my first). Who doesn't love some Mr. Robato?

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