Monday, November 30, 2009

Survey of Old....

So if you have been following this blog lately

Which I assume you have been....stalker....

Then you may notice that I have been all about revisiting my Myspace profile.

Well I found this survey that I did FOUR YEARS AGO, which really weirds me out that I can say that, it makes me feel old its strange.

Anywho, I thought it would but fun to re-do this survey five years later and see how much has changed.

And naturally, I am sharing it with you guys.

P.S. The old answers are in black and the new answers are in red.

The Basics and Some Personals

Name: Bryant Craig Schultz Still The Same... But no one calls me Bryant. You can call me Brycrasch
Age: 17 21
Shoe Size: 11 10 1/2...I think I had size Identity crisis
Height: 6' 4" ummmm Im 6' 2" I don't know what that's about either
Weight: 151 160 Thank God I've gained a little weight
Pants Size: Um 34? 29 waist 34 length
Shirt Size: small Medium/Large
Innie or Outie? innie Thats still true, if it wasn't I'd be concerned I had a hernia or something.
Can you drive? Yes now I can also drive a pargo and a giant traffic cone
Touch your nose with your tongue?: I have acheived it but not recently NO! And it still upsets me 4 years later!
Can you sing?: I try Whenever Lady Gaga or Meet Me In St. Louis comes on yes
Can you sew?: I wish YES! I have a sewing machine and I can kinda use it!
Speak another language?Pig Latin I'm now fluent in Smack, Gay, Little Kid and I am workin on Spanish

Love Questions

Are you in Love? nope No
Are you single or taken? single I guess I'm in that awkward in between place currently
If single, for how long? Since June...good riddence I dunno, it's been a while. And I don't know who I was so bitter about on this question the first time I answered it.
If taken, for how long? Im not. I've been in in-between land for about a month. It's not a bad land though...just a land
If taken, by whom? This person I know
What do you think about Sporty guys? I think they can be stereotyped but for good reason... Sporty Guys? What are those?
Dorky? Quirky maybe... Dorky can be really hot and endearing
Popular? They wouldnt know me if they werent.. ;) Well they can't be socially retarded

Your Favorites

Kind of Food: Sushi, Grilled Cheese, Chinees, Um I really like everything. I am weird and iffy about meat though
I love all food really. Avacodos and tomatoes are pretty common place with me lately. I'm still weird about the meat though.
Color: Red Still RED
Song: Um I love so many songs..I cant choose Right now I love everything on The Fame Monster
Band: I dont really appreciate bands...pop singers use tracks ;) I have been pretty into Panic! lately, they're a band
Singer: Imogen Heap, Rachel Stevens, Regina Spektor...the list goes on and on Lady Gaga of course
CD: I hate CD's..i-Pod all the way. I still don't own CDs
Kind of Music: stuff I can sing and dance not ashamed... I LOVE singing along with music so if I can sing to it I'm totally down to have it on my iPhone. I like a lot of music.
Animal: I dont really have a favorite...animals bite and destroy things...Friday is cute but posessive and manic depressive... My favorite animal is Evie my baby Yorkie
Place to be? Big New York, LA or DC I love New York, But Disney World is pretty sweet as well.
Vacation spot: New York Still true, I also like visiting Utah and Vegas as well
Actor: Kevin Spacey Hmm... I can't think of any stand outs lately
Actress: Parker Posie, Mena Svuarina, Annete Benning Right now I'm re-obbsessed with Judy Garland
Comedian: OMG Ellen all the way I like Ellen still. And the progressive girl.
Soap Opera: I'd rather burn in hell...of our lives? I have met all the ABC soap stars but I still don't really like them...the soaps not the stars
Day Time Talk Show: Once again ELLEN! Gotta love Oprah and Ellen.
Game Show: I used to like So you think you can dance....however it is shit now...Top Model and Project Runway
All Around Favorite Show: Um...i like movies... GLEE!
Drink: Diet Coke Fresca or Cranberry Juice...I sound like I am in a nursing home.
Restaurant: Ra Cafe Tu Tu Tangos
Number: 17
Letter: B
Word: Ascend I've been using the word absurd a lot as of late...and we are also trying to bring back Forsooth...

Your Short Opinion..

George W. Bush: is better than John Kerry and is trying the best he can Wasn't the best was he
Rocketing Gas Prices: suck They are kinda consistently expensive now
Minimum Wage ($6.75): Is 5.15 in Utah...Suckers Is surprisingly less than I make at Disney which is shocking
Drunk Driving: Is retarded Happens more than I thought it did...but it also spawns some pretty funny comercials
Legal Driving Age: 16 Thats kind of a fact rather than an opinion
Anorexia: Doesn't make sense Also happens more than I thought it did
Mary-Kate and Anorexia: was delt with in Utah Is SOOO 4 years ago...
Lindsay Lohan (18) and her 23-year-old boyfriend: Leave them alone who gives a damn Broke up so Lindsey could be a big ol' Lesbian.
Young Marriages: Never work out... Are a thing of my hometown and thats pretty much it
Young Parents: Try really hard but regret alot Are more frequent than young weddings these days
Pregnency without a Marriage: is sad when it is an accident refer to question before
Telemarketers: are poor people who are trying to survive...but I hate them... Don't bug me cause I don't have a house phone
Pop Quizzes: rarley happened in high school Are more likely to happen on sitcoms than real life
This Survey: keeps me looking busy at work Is really dated

this or that

Soda/Punch: Soda Juice...once again Im old
Sour/Sweet: sweet
Summer/Winter: I hate Winter but I can wear more of my clothes when its cold We don't have seasons in Florida, just hot and less hot.
Christmas/Thanksgiving: Ug neither... Christmas!...jeeze Scrooge
Easy/Challenging: Ha easy Who would pick challenging?
Light/Dark: Dark Ligtht
Sun/Moon: moon
TV/Movies: MOVIES all the way
Out with Friends/Out with Family: My friends are my family Still true...but I don't really go out with anyone.
Cat/Dog: Dog Evie Dog!
Penguin/Dolphin: I dont like either but I will say Penguin..I had a bad experience with a dolphin...I HAD A BAD EXPERIENCE Dolphins are smart and the penguins at Sea World smell TERRIBLE!
Book/Magazine; BOOK



Matthew said...

Love it. You make me smile.

Curtis said...

You have almost inspired me to go visit my abandoned Myspace page for old gems like this. Almost. :)

But I enjoyed reading this. It was great!

Gavin said...

You stole the this blog idea from my anniversary blog. Geez. get your own blog ideas!

Julie said...

It was me. I remember reading this and focusing on that and being 10,000 billion times upset about it. Luckily we're best best besties now. :)